Almost a New Year...

I feel ready for 2009. Do you?

I am ready to in some ways be done with 2008.

Not that it wasn't a good year, it was but I am ready to press on and move forward.

As we move forward may we be reminded to pray for thos affected by tragedy in 2008. May we continue to seek the Lord for guidance and understand the value of our lives. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families in Sparwood affected by the avalanche. We know all of you and hurt with you. May God continue to reveal himself to you in 2009.

Happy almost New Year!


Christmas grief.

My older brother Mike, his girlfriends cousins husband was killed in an avalanche in the Elk Valley. I know the cousin very well and they were just recently married and they have a 6 month old baby together. My brother and his girlfriend are watching the baby right now.

Pray for Christ to be there, for them to see Him and for comfort. The Lord only knows they need it so bad right now!



Quick Christmas Post!

Just a little Merry Christmas greeting from our "new" home in Grande Prairie! The basement is much larger and warmer than the old one.

My older brother did not make it home for Christmas but spent it with his girlfriend in BC. My younger brother ditched me on December 26th to go to BC (Castlegar) to spend some time with his little honey over the holiday season. Alas, here I am alone with mom and dad, knew this day would come sooner than later. Maybe next Christmas I could ditch the family for a boyfriend, ha not likely.

Must go now and start cleaning the old house.



HOME! and have been tagged...

I made it home for Christmas and it is truly lovely to be home.

I have been "picture tagged" by both Jes and Bonnie, to post the 5th picture in my 5th picture file. So there it is! A bicycle rickshaw!...This photo was taken during my one month stay in India two Christmas' ago now! WOW! That was a long time ago. Anyways..to explain the picture a little better. Catherine, Natashia and I were at our good friends Vardhinis relaxing in India when we decided it would be lots of fun to go on a rickshaw. At the time we all had in mind the "auto" rickshaw not so much the bicycle ones we almost always hit with our jeep when driving through Chirala. To make a long hilarious story short we ended up with 3 of these instead, I almost cried when I got on in fear that I was actually going to really die this time in India. As you probably know now I did not die. It was a eventful day of singing, eating ice cream and making one "flaming" joke that will never get old.

there you have it..

I tag...

Merry Christmas.


I'm going home...tomorrow!

I fly tomorrow at 5:50am...

I will arrive to GP at aprox 12:59pm

Just in time to move nicely into our new home!


Can't wait..


Rewards PLUS M00 M00's

Today I bought Elli her very own Moo Moo..for christmas of course! Such a special treat! Now we both have then and can wear them with pride!

Living here in Lethbridge has it advantages, one such is the "rewards" system. We reward ourselves daily, or a few times a week as we see fit to make it through another tiresome horrid day! Some of my rewards have included:

-ELW Christmas Party
-LCI Christmas Concert
-Christmas Clogging
-Millions of sour candies..

Life is not so bad.. My rewards this week will include..a prayer time hopefully with Elli and a benefit concert for the food bank called "singing for supper" and then on Saturday basically smothering my family with Sarah love!

YESSSSSSSSSSS! 4 more days of crap for 16 days of lovely!


I need Christmas! BUT it's Advent!!!

I am an impatient person! If you did not know this about me then you might just not know me so well or have not been in too many "waiting" situations with me! I am also an extreme woman of worry which is sick and makes me sick most of the time. I am on my practicum which I might add is not fun nor easy. I am doing fine but have discovered or maybe have been reaffirmed that this is not really the career I should have been looking into. All seems fine and dandy but with 22 days left or some would say 4.5 weeks to go I shouldn't throw in the towel! However, I really really want too. It is hard to spend 8 hours a day in agony when you just want to maybe be at home with ma and pa and not doing anything. I know, sounds pretty selfish and well truth is it is pretty selfish.

I do these sort of things: Over analyze, freak out, have breakdowns on Sunday afternoons over the phone to my parents while they are in the middle of moving our house, cry a lot and then puke. Okay, life isn't all so bad because I guess(I know!) God is showing me something.

I have to WAIT! I don't want to but I must. I have 3 more days this week, then 5 more then Christmas all I can do is wait. Even if I wanted to pack up and leave tomorrow the lousy 40 dollars in my bank account will get me virtually nowhere! So once again I wait. I wait for a miracle, a slap in the face, a relief, peace but mostly I wait for Christmas..I wait for Christ to come!

All I ask is pray, and Lord I ask that you humble me to pray I feel pretty dumb.


The Weekend..

I made it!

One whole week is finished and now only 2 more until Christmas home time for 2 weeks filled with lotsa love and crazy laughter and massive busyness I am sure. This week was intense! Not only was I extremely nervous and had that sick feeling in my stomach the most of the time it was just crazy busy. The lab I worked at literally threw me out on the frontlines and when I laid my head on its pillow after the first day I had stolen 26 peoples blood..uff duh! At the close of my week I had poked over 100 people and feel a lot more confident in the extracting blood from peoples veins part. Thank-you Jesus!

Last night I had the best "God" evening in a long time. As Elli and I lay on the floor in her living/dining room area listening to music we met Jesus. We met Him raw. It was a night of tears, laughter and relief. Also a night of tight chests, pain and exhaustion. God knows how He needs to hit us and hit us He did! What a guy.

Love always..


Should post now..before I forget..

I made it to Lethbridge and am sort of enjoying my practicum? I am not really sure how I feel! I am here and am not dead and am doing good..

I have taken 53 peoples blood in 2 days which is an isanely large number that my little brain cannot fathom at the best of times...

It is cold here, well maybe it is cold most places in Alberta but I feel the chill down here in the windy city.

Soon is christmas and then I can be cuddled up with the fam watching tv or something like that!

I love you MOM! and everyone else..tee hee hee!

Not dead...YET!

more to follow soon..


no more SAIT...

Today was my last evaluation at SAIT!

Now I will embark on a 6 week practicum in Lethbridge starting Monday...

I spent my entire week with my face in a microscope studying urine..oooh fun!

Never thought urine had so much to teach me..weird..


Another Monday...

Well I am back again..

My weekend went well..

School was just ridiculous but w/e..

I went for lunch with a friend to chat..

I then buzzed around the mall admiring Christmas..

Then tried to make small talk with Mr. Security at Calgary Lab Services..

Then I cam home and baked..

Then I cooked Allison and I dinner..

Then I went and listened to Tony Campolo talk at Ambrose college..

His talk was very hard, empowering and truth filled..

Now I am blogging...and..

Waiting for my mom to finish watching Prison Break (apparently it is really intense) and call me back!

Just another Monday..


6 down- 1 to go...!

I am almost done! Seriously...PRAISE GOD!

It is Thursday and I have written 6 exams so far which I should add have not been all that bad..I am impressed with my ability to actually study and excell! I have recieved above 70 on each of them! THANK YOU! I am happy..some were even above 90..some even above 96! I love my life!

But on a more serious note. I am almost done..Tomorrow is my last actual "class time"(one more exam) and then it is practicum. One week of it will be done at SAIT and then I make the move to Lethbridge for the remainding 6 weeks...which is actually 8 because I get 2 weeks off for Christmas *ya!

God has been teaching me, stretching me and definitely challenging me! I feel closer to Him through the stress of life which has not been all that stressful for me. I find that when "I" start to feel like "I" cannot do it "I" am reminded that HE does it with me, for me and works in my favor! God is soooo good all of the time!

Last night at C&C's we had a pretty intense discussion about faith, relationship and Gods' love. I enjoyed it! I am feeling very encouraged in my walk with God and better yet I feel God! Which is quite an exciting thing because His touch I tend to miss..It isn't that He doesn't touch I just refuse to feel it at times. Lately I have been feeling everything He does, the good with the bad and with the ooober ugly, He is alive! WOW!

I am going to my older brothers' this weekend for a time of fun, randomness and relaxation. I am excited to go spend some time with him and am praying for guidance and rest. I want time to talk with him and hopefully have him speak into my life. I don't think he realizes how high I hold his opinion in regard, I hope there will be time to be siblings and uplift one another. I pray that my love for him will be expressed and he will not question its presence in his life. I love that man!

Until next time...Happy Trails to you!!!


One more week...

And 7 exams later I will be finished the "theory" part of my course and then will have practicum. I should not be blogging, or knitting, or listening to music, or going out with friends for dinner, or watching movies but a girl still has to live..

God be with me!


Our Fort!

My Roomates and I decided we should turn our living room into a play centre and build a fort! Which we did! Also we slept in it last night and plan to leave it up for maybe a week? Real bonding to take place! Also we ate chocolate swirl cheesecake in there, oh the joys of being a mature 21 year old..haha...I always love to play and so do my roomies!


First Snow!!

As Allison and I were cuddled up under blankets on our two sofas watching a movie I peered out the window..SNOW! It is snowing outside! Immediately we both got up and stood out there taking it in, we both started to explain how much we loved snow and the bliss of it all. I then got my camera and took a snap "above cold feet on my front lawn"

I love the chill!

I love the air when you breathe in the snowy weather.

I love coming inside and my glasses fogging up.

I love to see my breath when I sigh in contentment!

I LOVE touching the snow, feeling its coolness..

I love this season and its beauty!



The joys of Halloween! Or as Natashia informed me may soon be called "Black and Orange Day" apparently (Natashia told me this) they are thinking of changing the name so that immigrants in our country will not be so afraid of this day. I mean come on, both Nat and I laughed together when she told me this is what her teacher had told their class earlier today. Even if you call it "black and orange day" people will still dress up spooky, it's just how it goes..well I mean not in every family. The Walsh's always had to be happy things. I mean Mom was not going to send out a bunch of Zombies trick or treating so instead I was a bride, minnie mouse, a baby, you know happy things. I am thankful that I was never the wicked witch of the west or a blood thirsty vampire! Thanks Mom!

Today while walking home from the train I passed two younger gentleman who wanted me to see their halloween display. "A puking pumpkin man surrounded in beer cases and cans. I mean I chuckled. It was really well done, I am sure if you have Facebook it will be all over it, thats how creepy our world has gotten..it might even be a link on some of your pages out there, I'm not against that website at all...no sarcasm.

Tonight I await the arrival of Meghan, BreAnn, Marian and Lennae for super fun times on Halloween weekend. I don't know what I should dress up as? I thought I could donn myself in "Peak" gear and be a poster board for my dad's company or just put on my punjabi dress again and be an indian princess minus the tiara (that is what I was at school- a bit chilly)! Who knows..one sad thing is that not one single child has rang/knocked at our door! I wanna hand out some of that candy! Dang!

Happy "Black and Orange" Day<--that sounds lame!

Happy Halloween? Is halloween happy? I don't think so!


Rise India!!!

This past weekend I had the oppurtunity to go to Camrose and see old friends! It was like any CLBI weekend, exhausting and quick. On Sunday afternoon I was able to spend some good time with my friend Catherine catching up on life. She gave me the above cd which I have been listening to on repeat all day today. It is worship songs written for India and it is really having an impact on me.

About a week or less ago I wondered onto my friend Neils blog (at the side check it out!) to find a plee to pray for India. Mass hurt is going on along with mass killing. I have been praying but I also feel that God is using me in a crazy unexpected way. This weekend while I was visiting with 4 others about our faith life or lack there of I didn't really know how I had gotten so spiritually weak it seemed. When did I fall off the track? Or did I? Needless to say I believe that God has my hand in His. This cd has impacted me because not only can I pray for India but I can worship my God singing songs that are speaking right to India.

God knows what He is doing even if we cannot see it..

I encourage you to read Neils blog and get on your knees..become humble before our Lord.



I am going away to Camrose..woot!

Have a good weekend..

I had 4 exams and 2 lab evaluations this week..- I survived!


Blood Type!!

Today in lab we got to figure out our blood types. I am O positive blood type which means I can give anyone my blood but can only take O blood. Dang!!

But..here are some "personality" traits based on my blood type, not sure how much I believe or agree with this..

Blood type O: The Natural Leader

Positive qualities:
Ambitious, Trendsetter, Independent, Loyal, Athletic, Robust, Passionate and Self-confident.

Negative qualities:
Arrogant, Vain, Jealous, Insensitive and Ruthless.

O is most compatible with blood types AB and O.

Famous people with the same blood type:
Ronald Reagan, Queen Elizabeth II, John Lennon, Paul Newman, Elvis Presley, Gerald Ford, Mikhail Gorbachev, Al Capone.

So there you are!


Playing with urine! ewww..or fun?

So today we had to play with our urine..wait! I will back it up a bit..


We had a lab where we had to pee in a cup to use the urine for Fridays' lab. One by one each of us MLA's took the walk of shame to the bathroom with our gear to pee in the cup. It was so awkward. Some were very open with the process others were already awkward with the thought of this. Some of us peed to the sound of taps flowing, others spoke to eachother to ease the piercing sound of pee in the silence of the bathroom. All in all..it happenned..and we all got pee in our cup..

NOW Friday:

We did a lab today where we had to play with our urine, test it to be more exact as to what I am refering playing with. We had to dip it and spread it on an agar plate, 3 to be exact. Anyways before this we all had to go grab our urine supplied on Wednesday from a tray at the side of the class. If you know anything about urine or urinalysis you would know that it should not sit for more that 2 hours before being tested because it will cloud and form crystals. Our urine sat for about 48 hours..ewwww. So we grab our urine. I am slowly walking to my bench when I noticed all this "junk" at the bottom of my cup, slightly embarassed and not wanting anyone to see I say nothing, go and sit and hide it in the midst of the rest of my instruments.

The girl who sits beside me sort of leans towards me and says sheepishly "sarah..does your urine have like really random things at the bottom?" I look at her and reply hesitantly "yes..does yours?" Immediately she replies "YES! I thought I was some sort of freak!"

To be honest I also thought I was a freak or had some wacko disease..turns out all of our urines looked like that but everyone encountered the awkward stage of "what the heck is in my cup!"

It is good to know your not alone...


falling for fall...

Last night as Natashia and I laid on our backs on our little patch of grass I realized I am falling in love with the seasons. Now I have always loved the seasons but for some reason I feel like I am way more intune with what is happening around me. Gazing out at a lit up down town, Calgary Tower and all made me think "wow, I really live here." I guess I sometimes don't believe it.

A couple of days ago while walking home from the train station I fell head over heels in love with crunchy leaves. Making long, awkward strides just so I could crunch as many possible. After doing this for about 2 minutes I realized I was being followed. I thought that they must think I am foolish but then continued in my love affair with fall.

Today while walking home from the train station the smell was amazing. It was so sweet. The scent was very hard to describe, very comfortable feeling in my nostrils, it I assume is just what fall should smell like before the rotting leaf smell breaks through into the atmosphere. Falling leaves remind me of letting go of my burdens, becoming naked only to experience the chill of winter and the budding of spring.

God knew what He was doing when He created this place, I thank Him for making the leaves of fall crunch so I can feel like I am a little girl again.


Things went great!!!

Well I did my lab and it went really really well..Turns out teacher didnt let the boy to the ECG (thank-you Jesus!)

All is well..


October tomorrow!

So tomorrow is October which freaks me right out! Where did September go? ahhh!

On another note: Tomorrow I am partnered with a boy for my labs so this will be very interesting, including the ECG portion of it..Especially now that he has been doing the whole eye winking buisness at me and I think this boy has a crush on moi! NOOOOOOOO! I don't need more drama!

Pray for me!


I did it! I am a VAMPIRE!


I stuck the needle in the arm, blood went into the tube, it was warm, i loved it and did a semi-happy dance almost peeing my pants..

what is wrong with me?!?!?



SO how about this pick up line "Can I see your veins?"

Turns out I am more of a freak then I ever thought I could be.

Our teachers have been telling us that the more we study veins the more we will be looking at peoples arms as they walk by searching for nice veins. They tell us that instead of thinking a guy has nice eyes..we will be wanting to palpate their veins. For those of you who don't know..to palpate means to make worm like motions with your finger on an arm feeling for the vein. Now as all my teachers have been saying all these things I have been thinking "Oh ya! That will be the day when I just randomly palpate someones vein"


Today on my way home on the train while talking to a fellow MLA we started comparing veins..making a fist..trying to get our veins to pop a bit...THEN I randomly just started palpating her veins..(I loved it-ahhh) before I could stop myself I was in a trance..then I came too..realised I was in a public place and 2 gentleman were staring intently at my worm like finger pushing on her arm...no one gets it!

tomorrow I take blood from a real live human for the first time..ahhh!


Old Italy..

I live in a part of Calgary that I have dubbed "Old Italy or Little Italy" it is such a quaint little place.

I am feeling blessed being here even though the whole "test" part of college has kicked in.

I enjoy that the leaves are now turning colors, and that they crunch under my feet.

I enjoy(Natashia may not think I really do) hiking my body up the BIG hill every morning to catch the bus, it reminds me of my mobility and I like the feeling of cool air in and out of my lungs.

I enjoy to watch the squirrels as they scurry away seeming as if they own this neighbourhood.

I also thoroughly enjoy the big cat that watches all the squirrels as they scurry around.

I enjoy the sun that shines through our front window.

I enjoy the laughter of my bestfriends that I get to enjoy every single day.

I enjoy to watch our neighbour as she sits on her front porch with her hair in curlers.

I enjoy when my mother sends me little hilarious emails..

I love that God is everywhere here, and He is making Himself very known to me these days.


Roomate Bonding!

Tonight Allison and I were talking to one another on msn, I know LAME! But she says to me "I need some coffee"- Me sitting in my room busy in the books replied "I'll get right on that"- As conversation escalated we decided to go to Starbucks..at this I received another instant message from Natashia pleading "Can I come?"- "Hell YA!" was my response...

It was nice to get away for a bit and just "be." PLUS Nat got us discounts because we went to the Starbucks where she used to work so that is ALWAYS a bonus! Now it is back to the books then bed!

I have my first test tomorrow...I feel very ready though!


Excuse me, excuse me..oh oh..thanks..

Yesterday after watching 4 trains pass by me which were far to full for any person to fit into I had to take matters into my own hands. "Was I just going to stay at this train station forever?" certainly not! After being in India and witnessing how much I know the human body can squish in tight situations I was quite agitated at how North Americans are afraid to touch each other! my train was coming..coming down the line..I was determined..it was packed! This lady was standing next to me and said "oh, no room again!" I peered into what was "a train packed with people, and more closely 5 really tall men standing in a circle holding on to a pole for support." My patience, wait..what patience! I wanted to be home! I politely squished my way right into the middle of this "man circle" and hugged the pole..they all just chuckled and looked at me. I looked up at all these men staring at me and sheepishly said "I just want to get home..."- they all smiled!

Today the train was full again. I started talking to the friendliest homeless man of life. We just shared small talk, where I asked how bad it was raining out..he assured me it was clearing up. As I exited the train he hollered "don't get to wet sweetie"- I wanted to hug him but realised that sometimes you just can't do those things..I politely smiled and waved..THEN while waiting for my next train these two men were in the train staring out at me on the platform doing the "call me" motions and smiling and being oober lame..-bah- I am waaaay out of their league..Then on my final train home I got to enjoy the beats of two high school rappers, one ipod listener, a lady with one million holes in her face and a very handsome construction worker who smiled at me..

Now being home and enjoying the weekend I realize that as a writer I think and believe public transit gives the best ideas to a good story.


We have internet!!

I am back to the world of internet! Wooot!

Anyways, I am officially in week two and really know how it feels to be back in class and confused with formulas and the heart.-lame-literal heart not emotional heart-dang atriums!

Funny- Yesterday the bus drove past me. Seriously I hate that these sort of things happen to me, why?- I still got to class with time to spare but seriously was mad at Calgary Bus Services!

Tomorrow is a full day of labs! I start off the day with taking all my clothes off from the waist up and letting a fellow student basically hook me up to a machine to see the wave lengths of my heart, I am excited..yet a little nervous- maybe not nervous- shy?? I don't know..now that I am in the medical field it is all about the bluntness as I am learning with the many discussions our teachers have "frankly" had with us..




Sam and Ashley, soon I will call- life is psychotic! ahh!

Well I have passed the long dreaded "first day of classes." It wasn't so bad! I really enjoy my course and classmates a lot! I am excited about getting naked from the waist up once a week so a fellow classmate can test my heart! Also am ooober excited that I am paired up with a boy once- oh my!(hand over mouth!)= But for real it is good because then I will know the difference between hooking and ECG up to a guy versus a girl!

Allison moves in today- I am estatic- YAHOO! Unfortunately Natashia and I both have classes until four! But we will hurry home that is of course if Transit cooperates! Dang buses!

Well thus is my life.

Yesterday I went to our first college and careers while rather humorous it was also intense full of discussion that screams hunger. It was a night of Iron Chef, Jesus, Backstreet Boys and then finally Christmas music- I said it! We did listen to the Christmas favorites just really rocking- Seriously Ben you would love it!

Other then that- Adios!- Mom send mail! hehe!


Safely tucked away

Well I have made it to Calgary and am loving it thus far!

I am at SAIT presently, just got my ID card and all of that jazz then off to the book store..oh bother!

Well we arrived on Saturday and unpacked my stuff-sort of! Then when Nat got home at 4 we laughed, hugged and did little cutsie jumpy motions-typical! Then we got ourselves together and went to my Aunt Donna's to meet up with the gang. We then went for dinner at "Symons Ranch House"(or something)- then we moved a bed, dresser and other things from Aunt Donna's to my house. At about 12 we all went to sleep.

We got up on Sunday, showered and battled the mobs in Ikea! We bought many fun things including a bunkbed for Allison and I- I was pleasantly surprised when momma bear got the bill-she didn't have to do that! Then we went for lunch at Ikea because Frank was hungry! Then my older brother called us so we basically went for lunch again to fit in a mini visit. Then we went home and decorated/Ben and mom built the bunkbed. Then dinner at Aunt Donna's which was superb and now life seems to be leveling out- BUT I still have to unpack massive amounts of boxes.




Today was my "official" last day as an Aquatera employee! My other coworkers threw an oreo cake party for me which was half sooo fun and half really lame..oh well..

My car is overstuffed- Dads truck has a futon "strapped" down and we are ready to embark tomorrow morning!

Soon I will live in CowTown! - WOW!


Google really does have everything!

Meet "Wacky Duck" as the Walsh family tends to call him! He is our favorite summer toy! Sadly tonight AUGUST 17 is the first time we have literally "dusted" him off and hooked him to our hose. He is the most friendliest little sprinkler any family could ever hope for and he is all ours! I thought I would google "duck sprinkler" and see if an image of him would pop up and would you believe one did! This internet buisness really is just that cool..Speaking of cool tonight after supper mom, dad and I induldged in wacky sprinkler fun times. I mean the heat in this city is too much to bear! I just wanted to share our little friend with other friends. I think I may say goodnight and convince my gaming little brother to jump through a walsh family tradition duck sprinkler..
Hope you are just ducky!


The big "27th"

My parents have been married for 27 years today! Holy Crappola! Ooodles to them for staring at each other for this long and putting up with the three nuttiest children around!


But serioulsy I think it is incredible in our day for 2 people to be married for this long, it deserves way more than a pat on the back. It reveals to me how much "work" there is to put into a relationship even when at times it would be way easier to be lazy and quit. I can only pray that if one day I ever meet someone to marry that I can have as much dedication and determination as my parents to stick it out through the good and the bad. You know though, my parents really love each other and that is something else remarkable. They (I think) are still falling for one another and that is what makes me smile like crazy inside..

Hmm..other then amazing parents, work continues to get more and more lame..I think my weekend away was fun but now being back I am quite happy that in 8 days I can scream "BYE" and most definitely not shed a tear over this place..oh wow..

I'm at work and would you believe that I think I just saw a man "peeing" by our grass bin.. ? wow


Wedding Weekend

"The man said,
"This is now bone of my bones
and flesh of my flesh;
she shall be called 'woman,'
for she was taken out of man."
For this reason a man will leave his father
and mother and be united to his wife,
and they will become one flesh."
Genesis 2:23-24
This weekend was a wedding weekend of friends and fun! I must admit that over the 2 days I spent there I most likely got the least amount of sleep yet this summer, all worth it though. Chris and Lindsay had a wonderful wedding and it was great to be a part of their special day. I had a great time with old friends, remembering old times and creating new moments to remember later down the road. I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend!
Now I am home and back to work, worked a 10 today and really felt the lack of sleep from the weekend, uff da! But with only 8 more days of work remaining I think I just might survive this recycling summer!
Prior to my wedding weekend my dad was able to sneak my car into the shop(Friday morning)to have new shocks and struts put in, quoted at a price around 1000 bucks. I was shocked but one must get places and a car helps that journey happen. So I prepared myself for this money nightmare. Turns out (as it seems it always does) that the situation was more complicated that shocks and struts and when I got there the grand total was 1700- I almost threw up!!! However, thanks to Frank Walsh and having all his work trucks worked on in this shop he wheeled and dealed and the total of 1700 turned to 1300- I love fathers! AND the car is way nicer to drive now!
But as mentioned earlier, "I am exhausted"!


Hey God...

31°C ?

just ridiculous!
..but thanks for this sunny day anyway!


Day 5..

Well it is day 5 in the 10 day stretch for me! I am feeling a little tired but surprisingly I think I am doing A-ok! Must be that luckily none of the "real" idiots that I work with are working! YAH!

Well it is sunny today to add to my working life, wish it could be chilly then I wouldn't hate the fact that I must put the steel toes on again and work.

In happy news..Family comes home on Tuesday night, I leave on Friday night, Mike will be at our house when I get home on Sunday..

um and and and and....20 DAYS until Calgary amazing life times! Woot..Woot..Woot..

Oh and last night I played with 3 snotty nosed kids(they werent mean- just runny noses) then ended the day with a "Mint Mocha Chip Frappucino" from Starbucks...day complete!


day off, pedicures..10 days..wedding..

Oh wow! I have 19 days left of work! Not that I'm counting..but really I am!

Today was one of the the 3 days off I will have with my mom all summer. It was quite nice. We slept until about 10 then pampered ourselves with pedicures where we both tried our best not to pee our pants. Then we did some shopping and now we will make supper for our company. My cousin Jason and his wife and kids are coming for dinner so we are going to cook ribs, potatoes, salad..oh yummm..

I work 10 days in a row starting tomorrow (:( <--sad face) BUT then it is Camrose time for Catherine and wedding fun times! YAH! (:) <--happy face)!

I will be glad to retire from my recycling duties and enjoy school again I think-

Happy Tuesday!


"No entiendo"

aka - I don't understand!

Lately I have had a HUGE feeling of basically nothingness..It is just so bizarre to me?..probably because my life for the last 3 years has been nothing but everything(ness)-definitely not a word but definitely a feeling in my life..weird-

I am playing the "waiting" game-as are most of us..for me it is for summer to come to a close, new adventures to start and revelation as to where this life is supposed to be headed.

I want to travel, do Gods' work..be the witness I know He is LOUDLY calling me to be but I am choosing selective hearing in that category..something I am quite ashamed to admit..but I just did..so one point for Sarah...well not really...

May the Spirit of God flow in me, through me and from me..may I be aware of His presense, may I seek oppurtunity..may I actually pick up my bible and spend some time a lot of time in His word, may I actually get on my knees and pray when that name or issue comes to mind and may my worldly excuses be slaughtered, right to the core, may they be no more..Do not SARAH put off what can be done today for tomorrow...

Lo siento, Ayuda!


dreams...red shoes...south america..

One thing leads to another and before you know it you don't even wanna make a life in Canada anymore..Please oh Please pray for wisdom for me..that I would hear God speaking because I know He is and that I would trust Him in what He has to say to me..

On another note..my red shoes are pretty cute..so cute I might wear them to bed tonight just because they are new and fun!

-Oh and the ADD dog is still stealing "Sassy Sasha"-we are officially in a fight..dang puppy!


The dog is ADD but he went too far...

My parents have been gone now on vacation for almost 2 weeks. I am starting to go a little loopy but Charlie(the dog) has been loopy for almost a week now, but yesterday he crossed the line..

I was so tired when I got home that I crawled right into my beddy just to lay there, not sleep just relax..Charlie found me..as he always does(it isn't too hard when I am the only one in this house). Well he went nuts...like scratching at me, trying to lick me, jumping on me, barking at me, growling...biting my hand..my relaxing little snuggle turned into hiding under the covers for my life..but then all of a sudden he was just GONE!

Instead of looking for him I enjoyed the brief moments of serenity, but then began to wonder where he was..is he in the bathtub? Is he pooping in the basement? Is he "marking" his territory by the television?- I better find out...

As I walk into the living room I am met with one litte shoe -*which may I add belongs to my build-a-bear "Sassy Sasha"-the bear at a value of 64 dollars-don't ask* I walk a bit more and another shoe...then I find the culprit...THERE IS CHARLIE and he has pulled up my poor bears little tanktop so it is almost off of her and he is working on the pants...HE was molesting my bear..I couldn't believe him...I freaked..saved Sasha from the cruel paws of Charlie to discover he already got her head..It was licked to pieces, I was disgusted and furious..so mad I called my mom to tell her "I am MAD at your dog"-

I forgave him..

On another note..everytime I let Charlie out in the backyard 3 psycho crows come and caw and circle him, I think they are trying to eat him, this has happenned 4 days now..I have contemplated leaving him out there an extra few minutes to see what happens but then I realised I would be shot! It is one thing if I say killed my moms plants but let some hungry crows feast on the blessed Charlie the Shi Tzu?- I wouldn't have a head!


I have Dry Socket...

From Wikipedia(dot)org

In dentistry, a dry socket is a layman's term for alveolar osteitis. The alveolus is the part of the jawbone that supports the teeth, and osteitis means simply “bone inflammation”. Alveolar osteitis refers to inflammation of the alveolar bone following extraction of the tooth.
Alveolar osteitis is a painful phenomenon that most commonly occurs a few days following the removal of mandibular (lower) wisdom teeth. It occurs when the blood clot within the healing tooth extraction site is disrupted.

Oh the joy of being me...


a hard day, a sad day...another day..

My church has been struggling with the Great Commission, with the Holy Bible, with actually having to live a Godly life. My pastor convicts them..and because of this he is alienated..he has been asked more told to leave...against his will and call...his heart is broken because there is still much work to be done in this congregation...

today was my pastor's last sermon here in grande prairie and it was again a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit even if every other soul refused to let their hearts drink from the fountain of God. I struggled throughout this entire service, how a church, a CHURCH can be so confused about the God in whom we serve. How they can twist, distort and dillute the word of God until it is easy for them to apply to their lives and ministry. I am broken, lost and hurt. I will not harden my heart towards these people as I have in the past..I want to be called to my knees in prayer, to pray for restoration, for true repentance and for huge amounts of convictions. I didn't know there would come a day when the people I broke bread with weren't even wanting to recognize the name of God. It is like they accept being a christian but the Jesus part is a little too much for them...

I sat alone, no one spoke to me, I felt out numbered on all sides, I had to speak (thank them all for their support) I bit my tongue and shared my experiences in both California and Shaunavon. I encouraged them to listen closely to God and seek him first in their lives before money and possession because he is worthy of all our time. Then I told them that it is when we pull of our masks that we see where God is and that he does show up!

Pray against this spirit of bitterness I feel dwelling at the bottom of my broken heart. God reigns and let him reign in me!

sorrow is building, tears are welling and I know I am not alone in all of this..Thanks be to God.


Breaking through the junk...

sorting out the trash..

This marks my third day of being home by myself and I feel like I am going loopy. Probably because there is no one here besides Charlie and I am used to just a little bit of noise. My mouth is healing I think, it still aches really bad in the morning but I assume that is just supposed to happen so I'm not freaking out.

I have accumulated clutter...have you? This always happens to me when I live from a suitcase for a period of time..and last year was a period of time for me. I try to get in the habit that when I buy something(or something is given to me) that something in return must go but since I haven't been with all my stuff nothing has really went..I spent the latter of this morning sorting throught my room, going through the junk, sorting what can be recycled what is just "trash" worthy. I have too much stuff! I mean no I don't have 79 pairs of shoes but I do have shoes I haven't seen in like 4 years, and that is ridiculous. I find you need to be in a "throwing out" mood to sort otherwise nothing gets accomplished. Today all I had was "get it out" on my mind and I really feel I accomplished a lot in my room..Now it is just to go downstairs and see how many other hidden rubber maid tubs I have in the basement(crossing my fingers for only a couple!)

As I sort through my belongings I start to sort through my emotions also, why I have this certain thing, who it connects me to and if it is healthy. Mostly it isn't healthy the reasons why I hold on to the things I have but by placing a spiritual element into the equation it quickly is sorted into one of the 2 piles: recycling or garbage..

I think Charlie thinks I may be crazy..and I just might be a little bit!


Just a wee bit of swelling..

Well I seem to be doing okay consiering 4 teeth were taken from my mouth on Friday morning. There is not a whole lot of swelling just a wee bit on my right bottom jaw, due to the dentist actually removing some of my jaw bone. All in all I am doing really good though! I am going to attempt going to work tomorrow..only 11-5 so we will see how I make out.

My parents and benny left this morning for 2 weeks at the lake! Once again I am sadly left up here to work, oh well money is good to cover tuition costs. They left me Charlie so at least I will have a little bit of company, I am looking forward to some quiet time none the less..

Happy Canada Weekend!



There out, I ache, not as much as I thought I would, it will happen though, I just know it can't be this easy!-They didnt put me to sleep..-booo! And he started scraping my gum to get to the hidden upper tooth and I wasn't frozen, SOOO I yelped..like when you step on a cat or dogs tail by accident..he apologized with stabbing a needle into my gum then all was good..

On an amazing ooooober happy note..

My bud Marian is driving to see me and spend the night with me and then hang out tomorrow too..I love her! It will be fun..she can take care of me and deal with all my bloody gauze..tee hee hee..no it will be fun..

Mom bought lots of yummy for me..rolo ice cream..Yahoo..

How are you doing Catherine? -she also got 2 wisdom teeth out..pray for us women...


The Song...

Went better than I anticipated and Catherine I am sorry, no video footage-to my recolection! It was a good BBQ because the weather cooperated, and everyone ate and was merry. We had lots left over so we gave it to some non-profit organization, they were well pleased.


A mysterious pop can made its way into the bottle depot(the buisness across the way from us!)and was actually a bomb thingy..it exploded upon opening and white dust went everywhere. So then the fire trucks, police, ambulance and like CSI dudes came, following close behind was of course REPORTERS!- boo! But on the upside they blocked the road meaning zero customers and lots of time to get things that needed to get done, done! There is only one road to where our buisness is located, it was closed for close to 2 1/2 hrs making our lives easy.

So the next thing to tackle are those dang teeth of mine..


Wisdom teeth and Choir practice!

This Friday I go and get my wisdom teeth out, I have been trying not to think about it but in reality I am freaked out of my tree! Maybe because people are just telling me horror after horror story about it or the fact that my parents leave for vacation 2 days after the procedure leaving only Charlie(the dog) to take care of me! oh dear.

On another note tomorrow marks our first Eco Centre Choir Practice for the big day at the BBQ! I honestly believe that all of this is just one big joke but my manager is quite serious about the whole deal, even suggested we make "recycled instruments." So I put together 2 guitars and that is my contribution, I have done enough damage by actually writing a song and bringing it to work! Oh man! If people thought the employees at the Eco Centre were retarded before this BBQ well just you wait!

Happy Sunday- I am going to go to work now..story of my life!


Money and Idols..

I am feeling controlled lately by money or lack-there-of or maybe more than I need? Whatever the case it has got my head spinning...oh and the idols I seem to put up..they are not healthy and they are most certainly destructive..

God is good though...very good! ! ! !

It has been raining here a lot lately..I love rain, the smell, the moisture and the sense of it all..cleansing...a renewal from the hot, tiring day...a promise that there will be restoration. I love to feel the chill and hear the pitter patter on the roof..little miracles..


I AM a First Aider!

So I passed the test with 100% so I am certified to save your life but lucky for me in Alberta you are not "obligated" to help someone even if you have a first aid ticket...good thing!

On another note...my work is hosting a bbq for the city and all Aquatera employees. Sounds easy enough except I have been volunteered to write a sing a song at the bbq about recycling. I want to shoot myself in short and I don't think I get paid enough to deal with this...all I have so far is:

"What the world needs now, is reduce, reuse, that's the only thing that will keep our planet in use.."



It not like my sheet was PINK...

Okay so yesterday I had to take a course at the college for the morning..it was TDG(Transportation of Dangerous Goods) sounds intense but is oober easy and super duper boring..but hey it was paid for and I got paid to be there..-anyways..At the beginning of the course the instructor passed around these forms and we had to find the one with our name on it..well the fellow(by the way I was the only girl in the course) beside me could not find his name..he took forever trying to read where it could be...then he handed them to me..I looked for "Sarah Walsh" then passed along the sheets..but then he states in my direction "Well it was easy for you..your the only girl..I mean if there was a guy with the name Sarah in here we got issues..." -the guys all chuckled...I on the other hand thought "Ok buddy it isn't like my sheet was pink and all yours were blue..I still had to find my name..YES because my sheet has GIRL written all over it..."-just made me shake my head..

Oh and at the end we do this test...he marked mine and I his...He got 96% and I got 100%...he actually fought the question he got wrong with the instructor..apparently there is no way a girl could get a 100 and him 96...pssshhh Whatever..guess he hasn't ever met me...

And Today&Tomorrow I have to do First Aid..got 100 on the first test...so that made me stoked..Frank will be proud that his daughter is following in his "safety genes"- my partner asked if I had ever done this before because I seemed to know what I was doing...well if Frank Walsh was your dad you would know what you were doing too..he is a wee bit hardcore.. I represented him well!

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a First Aider almost, Can you hear me?


Just because I am a Walsh...

I was thinking that my summer job could not have gotten any worse when it alomst did! I say almost because the only thing that prevented me from having to deal with the situation were beautiful rain clouds producing LOTS of percipitation, thank you God.

I work for Aquatera and they have this rain drop mascot thingy and I almost had to put the dang thing on and prance around at this event in Grande Prairie called Homeless for a night..I was NOT looking forward to this at all..but apparently I fit the image of a rain drop perfecty..so kindly my manager let me know I had a gorgeous "pear shaped" body..woot..what a compliment *no sarcasm there..

But God fixed the problem with rain..oh how I love Him!

Last night mother and I went to the movie "Sex and the City"- a little riskay if you ask me but the most beautiful story line of life..I cried like 5 times*(surprise surprise)..but anyways during the previews the dang fire alarm went off...so we had to semi evacuate the theatre..it was such a gong show..and most people were ticked because they were half way throught their shows..typical North American society..blowing up because they now have to get up and leave the movie they are watching..even though the building could be on fire..no one cares..I don't know what people would do if a fire alarm was for real..the ones at Cineplex would probably say "are you kidding me, the building is on fire? Great, all I want is to eat my popcorn and watch a movie..is that too much to ask?"-Give me a break..get up and move your a$$ outside..jeepers haha..however I did make the comment "I don't think I'm on fire"-oh the sarcasm..on the upside..I have a free movie vochure...it was my lucky night..


Sorry, We don't take styrofoam...or dirt..or puke..or vaccums..OR

sick bones from some animal that are decaying with maggots all over them! Ewww!

My summer job keeps getting more intense with each passing day! If it isn't the creepo at closing who decides to have a 25 minute one sided discussion about how much HIS life sucks then it must be that sneaky customer who pukes in his oil then drops it off..Or how about the fact that I am convinced very few people can read in Grande Prairie- it is a real sad story when I see people shoving sheets of styrofoam in the clearly marked bin "NO STYROFOAM PLEASE" - You think this sort of wretched stuff would happen at the DUMP! Oh, sorry.."Landfill"-but not the Eco Center..not with us greenys on guard...and I think the funniest misconception about Eco Center employees from the public eye is that we are actually retarded(no joke!) or that we are recycling nazis that dont want anything to go in the Landfill.. I mean I recycle but I am not going to dive in a blue bin after your baby swimming pool which is clearly not recyclable because it was made from recycled plastic- honestly..I don't care! So don't give me the lip when I say "No, we actually don't take toothpaste, because between you and me it isn't a household hazardous waste, it can really go in the garbage!" - Just put colgate in the trash and let me save that oxygen for a more constructive conversation!- Uffda!

But for real..this guy thought I was mentally challenged..you can ask my mom and the 2 guys that were there..we all almost peed our pants...I guess it was my random "Hi!" as soon as he got out of his truck looking for help..he looked all awkward and then in that "be nice tone" said "Hey there...."- then went towards our office looking for the non-handicap employees..at this everyone was laughing, I on the other hand was ticked..so I shouted a little "Excuse me sir can I help you with something"- I think then he knew I was a full functioning human being completely aware that he thought I was a handi..-again..whatever!

Then there is MRS. "ARE YOU WITH SOMEONE? HELLO ARE YOU WITH SOMEONE WHAT PART OF ARE YOU WITH SOMEONE DO YOU NOT GET"- I wanted to scream at her "GO HOME!" but instead I said "YES I AM HELPING SOMEONE"-wanted to add are you FREAKING blind..but hesitated..contemplated saying...or rather grieving the fact that in my dating life I am most certainly not with anyone..thought it could have been interesting to bring up that point of view but I bit my tongue and carried on knowing God loves her too..Glad I'm not God..

Anyways..a few tidbits of my last week...I got paid today so that sums up why I deal with all of the above!


It was in my moms car!

My mom found the missing phone! I was really excited...due to the fact that I had discussed the night before the find that I should just go buy a new one- good thing I got too lazy and didn't go out!

Ben broke his guitar so it was out of commission since Friday. It is now Wednesday and it is most definitely fixed. I am enjoying(no sarcasm) listening to rock and roll as the background music to my Sarah McLachlan. He will be a rock star yet...pure stardom..

Also I watched CSI NY tonight and was so choked..The scenario was very intense and the whole hour had me on my last string trying to figure out the murder. (When I lived in Shaunavon Judy(the lady I lived with) and me would pretend we were crime scene investigators, every monday!)- Anyways and it was one of those stupid "to be continued" episodes..I almost wanted to email the CSI producers and rant..I just want to know what happens..there is a CSI in a suburban with a murderer(who pretended to be innocent) and he is pointing a gun at the CSI's head..you are about to freak out as a viewer..then..."To Be Continued" jumps on a pure black screen..WHATEVER!

haha..-I will get over it..


A Picture Tribute..

to Shaunavon- Cheers.!


The Snowman

Judy and the snowman

Fluffles and the snowman

Nathan and Chloe

BreAnn and Moi

Marian and Moi!

Moi, Renee and Jesse

Melanie and Moi!


Dave, Greg, Meghan and Iris

Renee and Steph

Michelle and Steph

Steph, Renee, Moi and Michelle.'



I can't find it anywhere! I have looked in the car a million times..all around the house..It has been missing now for more than 48hrs..I feel like I am on the tv show "Without A Trace"- I just cannot understand where I would have put it..AND of course it would be on "silent mode!" ahh! Well pray I find it or if I don't find it for wisdom in what I should buy next or whatever..sorry if I haven't got your message or returned that text..I don't hate you I just hate misplacing my phone...gaaah!

Today we had 90km/hr wind..it was sick..


Keep your puke to yourself! yuck!

So today was interesting, it turned out to be a great day of work but there was one moment that made me just a litte angry..

At work we recycle used oil. This process consists of lifting 20L pails of oil up about 3 feet then dumping it into a drum. Usually when we are dumping oil things will come with the oil, old nuts and bolts, oil filters, and things like dirty rags. Today was a bit different. I was a little busy so I opened a pail and let it drain while I was helping another customer with a few things. When I finally returned to my oil the drum was backed up. At this I grabbed a garden shovel and stirred the oil around a bit so it could drain, at this point there was a weird smell in the air. Once the oil began to drain I noticed strange things in large amounts at the bottom of the drain, things like...carrots...potatoes..celery...PUKE! Some lameo decided to puke in his freaking oil and then kindly drop it off for me(the innocent bystander) to have to deal with. I almost puked and cried all at the same moment..it was horrific!

It is over though..

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a great dinner for my mother and nanny..It was delicious, huge steaks, stuffed potatoes, mixed veggies, mushrooms, onions and shrimp...it was good..

Hope your day was puke free..


Just another day in paradise..

today is my very first official day off...and good it has been thus far..

I mean the day is still young, it is still the a.m. but I already spent an hour and a half of depression in a dentist chair..booo..but my dentist is really nice so that helps..

I don't have any big plans for the day because that would require me having friends in Grande Prairie, which I lack HUGE! It is like a complete isolation zone up here..but maybe I could clean the house or do random acts of kindness towards my family..

I could clean Ben's room! SCARY! ahhh..

we will see what happens..


Check This Out!-Happy Birthday To ME!!!

I got a Teddy Cake! Most definitely CHOCOLATE! and just so so so full of love! I love my mommy! I love coming home for birthdays..


I am home!

I arrived to my homeland after 3 in the afternoon yesterday to see nothing has really changed. People still honk their horns, bike riders still believe they own the road, and my dad most definitely still cannot recognize me in traffic!

I love being home! It is just nice to relax and talk. By talking I mean actually sharing things and feeling safe to share anything.

Last night Mom and I went to the Dream Home which we are apparently going to "win"--We are "going to win" every year! It is really nice this year though so I would be stoked! Then we went to PetLand because who doesnt love pets. I let Charlie sniff a little black cockerspaniel but the guy who worked there said Charlie could have a disease and shouldnt be touching little cockerspaniel. He also referred to Charlie as a girl, who does that? Have you seen his black balls? haha! Then we went to Cash for Camping and toured through many campers and the like. No day is complete without a stop at Dairy Queen for ice cream, so mom and I did that! Then we went to Blockbuster and bought the movie "The Bee Movie"-I love it so much..

That was most of my night..-Ben bought me JUNO for my birthday so we watched part of that in the late of the night.

Being home is good.



I made it to Calgary. I will be in Grande Prairie tomorrow, pray the roads are good!

I am having LotsO fun!



I got into SAIT! I am sooo excited! Life is moving forward and I am smiling big! Orientation is at the end of August..YAH!

On Another note..

I went to the "Phantom of the Opera" yesterday, it was the best thing I have ever seen in my entire life. I was literally blown away..so awesome! I had a chance to meet up with beloved Austen and visit briefly which was lovely. I had a great great weekend of laughter and fun with Marian and BreAnn..

2 more sleeps and I am out of Shaunavon, pray for closure and that I would pack! ha!


My Pool Party Fiasco

Today is my birthday and I am now legal everywhere in the world..wooot for 21!


Last night a few of my close girlfriends (Meghan, BreAnn, Michelle, Renee, Marian and Steph) through a party for me out at Meghans farm! Now I knew it was hapenning but was unaware of what we would be doing, well my abs still ache from all of the laughter! It was an amazing night! We induldged in chicken wings, french fries, chips, dip, veggies, crackers, jalepeno jelly and CHOCOLATE! Life was complete. Meghan has an indoor pool on her farm so we also went swimming, I had a pool party for my 21st with some of the greatest friends I have made here in Saskatchewan. While sizzling in the sauna with my friend Renee it really hit me that I am leaving really soon and that this moment will be over, at this the tears began..but I really do feel God has used these women in my life so powerfully and I have been so blessed by each of them! We finished the night off by sitting around a table sharing God after God story and opening up about our lives. I was sitting at a table of girls and transparency and I felt so relieved, comforted and most of all accepted!

We shut the lights off at 4 am..I am tired and should shower soon..

I think my 21st birthday takes the cake for amazing, memorable and fun! God is good!

Oh and my cake was in the shape of an "S" I was so happy..except that I had like 7 candles still burning when I blew the candles out, I am such a playa..haha



At the end of the month myself and my friend Breann will drive up to Saskatoon. Once arriving we will meet up with our other friend Marian for super fun times. I am going to the Phantom of the Opera! So excited! Yesterday I went out and bought a cute dress and suit jacket for the event, oh snazzy! I am hoping to connect with some post CLBI friends also while I am up there.

Just a few more weeks and I will be home working again and probably missing everything about small town Saskatchewan, pray that my transition back to family life will go smoothly.

Much love, Sarah


Making Punch

I am making punch for Youth group and really wish I had moms tupperware bowl! There are nice bowls these days but not like mama's big yellow one...'mom think you can express it here? I need it for tomorrow..'


Happy Birthday!

Today is my mommys birthday and that makes today a day to celebrate! Soon I will be home to be with her and daddy and benny for fun summer times!


Flip Flops and toe nail polish!

Summer is just around the corner! I smell it in the air, feel it in the warm sun and dream of it while I wear my capris around the house! I have purchased my first pair of flip flops of the season and I am excited! Today while talking to my mommy on the phone I painted my toe nails..Summer is surely coming.

Flip flops and painted toe nails make me remember sun burns, cold ice tea and late hours on the porch swing in the backyard! May the sun warm your body as you prepare yourself for the summer ahead. A period of contemplation on what next fall has to offer each of us! I just want to jump in a cold lake or river or something, Summer is almost here..maybe I should be more excited that Spring is here?..I love the budding flowers...Oh I love these 2 seasons a lot, they revive me of the winter blues..


Missed it..

Today is the all acclaimed April Fool's Day and I missed it! I was so pumped on the 30th and was thinking of all the hilarious stunts I could pull and then I forgot! Who forgets? Boo! -

I mean crunchy peanut butter on the toilet seat anyone?
Saran Wrapped cars?
Rooms full to capacity with balloons?

The list is endless and I forgot...is there a chance you can do this day over?

Well on another note my birthday is in 21 days! I go home in 29! Mom heads up, I would love a birthday cake in the teddy pan, possibly chocolate with chocolate icing? Yumm!


I love horses!--Ahh!

Yesterday I had the oppurtunity to go to a ranch in the middle of nowhere southern Saskatchewan. One of the girls in my sunday morning class has been insisting for quite sometime that I come out to see where she lives. During our mornings on Sunday she has asked me numerous amounts of questions like

"have you ever seen a cow have a calf? Did you ever have baby chicks? Have you ever rode a horse? Do you like tractors?"

Whenever she brings these questions up I cannot help myself but laugh because I surely have not done any of the following except the horse thing. I rode a horse if any of you can remember back to that post while I was in California and it was a freaky experience. My level of riding was sitting on it while a lady held its reigns and walked me around the stable, pretty intense.

Anyways I get there yesterday to see a few horses with saddles on ready to hit the trails, immediately I start to panic. Stephanies mom says to me "So Steph said you and her are going to go riding today" I gulped really hard and in my sarcastic what the heck tone stated quite clearly "I don't ride horses at all, like not at all" The mom just looked at me chuckled and said "go on to the barn they are waiting" I wanted to die!

I get down there and explained I had zero experience on a horse except for maybe when I was a toddler and while in California, very small experiences. At that Stephs dad helped me jump on this massive horse and said "we will take it slow" -- WHATEVER!

I got on this horse, it trotted, it stopped, it spun, it went to the left, the right, it neighed, it sneezed, it breathed, scratched, it was SCARY! I got myself together after a few random moments of this horse "red" speeding up quite fast or randomly turning around and going back to the barn and could finally control the beast!

I thought 'ok now let's just go on an easy ride' --WRONG AGAIN! I went up the biggest hill(yes a hill in Saskatchewan) that I had not ever seen but definitely the biggest I have went up on a freaking horse! At the top I was comfortable then there was the getting back down part that was nerve racking and I found myself saying silent prayers the whole way down. I made it though..Went riding for about an hour and a half and cannot walk right today!

Moral of this story is that even if you don't know how to do something they still make you do it in Saskatchewan even ride old Red up to the top of a freaking mountain and back down again! ahhh!


I'm Back!

It was a crazy fun weekend in Regina!

We visited lots and did lots..

We went to the IMAX

Church was old and fun and the best of all is that Amy dressed me up like a princess all weekend long!


Happy Easter Weekend.

I am jetting to Regina to celebrate easter with my pal AMY CHAPMAN! And this much needed vacation could not have come at a better time...

Have a good weekend, and rejoice because the tomb is empty!


Celebrating the green..

St. Patrick is believed to have driven the snakes from Ireland. Once a pagan himself, St. Patrick is one of Christianity's most widely known figures.

The modern secular holiday is based on the original Christian saint's feast day also thought to be the date of the saint's death. In 1737, Irish immigrants to the United States began observing the holiday publicly in Boston and held the first St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York City in 1766.

Today, the tradition continues with people from all walks and heritages by wearing green, eating Irish food, and attending parades. St. Patrick's Day is bursting with folklore; from the shamrock to the leprechaun and to pinching those that are not wearing green.

"HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY"- wear green!


Beautiful Movie!

August Rush!
This is a fantastic movie that I have now had the pleasure of viewing twice! Full of wonderful music and a wonderful story I am sure you will enjoy it! I enjoyed the fact that it was romantic without being over the top sappy girl movie.


This is my...100th post!

Did you know: "The bible has been translated into Klingon"
(for those of you who aren’t into sci-fi, that’s Star Trek jargon)- I am not into sci-fi but I thought that was a pretty crazy fact to have stumbled across..


Nice Weather..

I am really enjoying the sunshine and melting snow outside..even though I was a part of the prayer for more "moisture" this morning...

Yesterday I made my last snowman of the year with the lady I live with. Her son is serving God in Thailand until the end of April so we froze the snowman for him for when he comes home. We had a good laugh...

This is not him but looks a lot like what he ended up looking like..we have not decided on a name yet:



Tonight is my night to make snack for youth group! I am planning to make turtle brownies and party mix with possibly hot chocolate to drink! We are going skating first so I have been thinking hot cocoa might warm us all up? Wish me luck! I am not a Brenda Walsh in the kitchen more a Ben Walsh, haah! Not that benny is a bad cook but I think you all get the point! I can assure you my final product will NOT look like the following but one can always dream! Happy Friday!


Spring had Sprung!!!!

This will be a quick post lamenting on the fact that spring HAD sprung here in little old saskatchewan only to dissapear! I mean it has been fairly warm for this time of year but I don't like the fact that it melts one day, snows the next! Make up your mind! The farmers in the drugstore talk about how much moisture we need in the ground and are happy the weather is being ADD! I on the other hand am not a farmer nor ADD and would appreciate knowing if I can retire the winter coat or not?!?! Frustrating! It is half sunny and half frosty winter out, why? I want to wear capris and cute tops again without sweaters!



Yesterday I had a bit of a lazy day and thought it only fit to pop a Cold fX pill and watch a classic; Titanic! I love this movie, more adore actually! My mom bought it for me this Christmas on DVD and I am very happy she did. It is just so good and emotionally moving. Apart from how emotionally involved I get when I watch this movie, ie: many kleenexes from the box it really boils my blood also! I feel very angry when I hear of how many life boats there were in ratio to the amount of people on this ship! Also that as 1500 people froze to death in the water the life boats just floated around doing nothing. Do you know that only 1 life boat came back to save people from the water and that only 6 people were retrieved? 6 out of 1500! RIDICULOUS! But anyways I do love the story and I love to remember because tragedy like that should not be forgotten..

On that note tonight I will watch the movie "PS I love You"- I have heard that it will move me to tears and that it is recommended I bring kleenex..I will cry, it is a given, I cry at everything, a tearful mess is what I would say!

Happy Saturday- It's March!


Chocolate Cake...

I have had chocolate cake 2 days in a row now but sadly I do not think I will be having a piece tonight! However I have realized how much I truly enjoy this dessert! Apart from the fact that the cake tends to stick to my teeth I enjoy the experience. After having the oppurutnity to eat chocolate cake 2 nights in a row I have brought back a few memories from when I was a youngen..

#1) I remember my mom used to make teddy bear cakes! Maybe she only made one my whole life but it felt like a million? I loved that cake shape. However I wish it had made the table a few more times, not moms' fault more my fault. I passed by it so many times when I would put away groceries dubbed "freezer" and always thought "I should bake a cake in that" but never did. I don't even know where it is anymore? Mom, do we even have it anymore? How sad..

#2) I also remember in elementary school I loved cake at birthdays! But I HATED when people had a vanilla cake..why? Vanilla seems so boring to me, it makes no sense and it truly does not spell PARTY to me! My dad is a huge fan of vanilla and I just don't get it! When I eat chocolate cake I feel like it is a special fancy occasion..I feel like I am a kid again at a birthday party anticipating what is going to be in the goody bag...

Basically I have enjoyed my chocolate cake induldging this week..