It's all fun and games until...

Someone loses a toe!

That someone being me, and well not really a complete toe but chunks of it! Yuck!

On Friday night my youth and I were playing games in the dark, because I like to be stealthy I took my shoes and socks off and rolled my pants up so no one would hear my rustling as I snuck around. In full sprint trying to get away from the person pursuing me(Ben) I ran full throttle into our church stairs. That stopped me alright..my right foot tingled and then I thought "RUN"- So I got up and proceeded to run through the church, finally I realised that my foot was quite warm and felt wet..I turned on a light to discover "bloood!!! everywhere!"

The next while is much of a blur as my youth held my hands, while I screamed..ben doing first aid and some youth mopping up my "bloody mess"- I thought..it cannot be so bad but I was informed it was..Emergency room here we come.

Emergency rooms are a joke may I add.. I think if I walked in with only half of my head connected they would kindly say "take a number please"- I would persist I needed assistance and they would respond "It's protocol take a number.." - I don't want to dis the hospital for I was treated quite kindly but it is just interesting to watch people react to their pain/discomfort.

After an hour they moved me..just into a "new" waiting room I think just to trick all of us to thinking were getting somewhere..an hour and a half later...a room..and hour after that..an x ray..thirty mins after that..PAINFUL needle in foot..me screaming/la la la laing to not freak out little ones still waiting..then the stitches..and the removal of my toe nail which was really non existent...so that was my Friday.

I now have gauze on my foot, a mad limp and pain, lots of it..plus the reality that my toe is like hamburger, stitches on both sides and no nail with not a lot of hope of it growing back...but to think of a positive and to quote my daddy "It's sure a long way from your heart!"

He's right....and I have never had stitches so that was a new experience....

God is good...

Toes are optional...

Being taken care of by my very youth - priceless! & AMEN!


My priorities...

Hello world..it has been awhile..well that is how it seems to me. It is like life is just too busy for me to be blogging but then I miss it too much.

Life is moving forward.

Yesterday I found a whole bunch of old CLBI papers that I had wrote and was reminded of my time there. I found myself chuckling, wondering how sleep deprived I was when I wrote a particular one and then laughing at my Jesus of Nazareth paper- Natashia you would know the one..

I found my paper from Godly Relationships with Aimee and LCO and especially my paper titled "The Necessities" (referring to what I need in a man)

I quickly skipped past who I should be and quick to who he should be, I began reading..some were very valid "must love the Lord, must love me..you know..the basics..some were more comical "must be open to changing <--what was I thinking! haha!

Then I wandered back to my list...

#1 got me.

Must love the Lord and be commited to Him daily.


What about weekly? Monthly? Does that count? Sure it does but that is not where I want to be. I want to be daily. So here it is. My priorities.! I was over on Courtneys blog and agree I am more prone to being a Martha rather than a Mary. Lord, take this from me, settle me down, calm me to rest in you, Amen!.

I guess if I am still working on my first priority of what I should be for my husband then perhaps he is still working through his own list...I need to prioritize who owns my heart; the world or the Lord...

Lord this heart is all yours!



Debbie Downer,

Negative Nancy,

Just to name a few coined terms that I hear every now and then from my baby brother directed towards me. Oh man, conviction or what!

I need to bask in the knowledge that God is good, my circumstance is good, life is what it was meant to look like and that I am loved.

I do not want to be the "party pooper" who does really?- I find more and more though I am, I can tend to be that person, the one to think negative before a positive thought comes into my mind. Lord I am taking back my mind to be for You, I am taking back my thoughts to think on You and I am taking back my heart to beat for You.