Just Because...

So here I am sitting at the computer when I should most definately be saying a few little prayers and then laying my head on my pillow, oh worldly distractions!

I would like to give you all a little look into the summer job that will make everyone appreciate the job they have/do not have at this present time. At my worksite we have an "information trailer" which is actually our office/lunchroom/everything and anything we want it to be and on the outside it is decorated by billions(not literally) of little posters that kids have made. Anyways sometime during the last 10 years and throughout the people in management thought it would be great to "tape" these on the outside of the building with duct and double-sided tape. Anyways to make a long story short throughout the wind/rain/snow/ice/sleet/hot sun and 10 years the tape has left marks on the building...

this is where I come into the picture..

I show up today and on the table are 2 bottles and 2 jay-cloths. One bottle is "goo-gone" and the other is "brake cleaner" and this got me to wondering what was going on. My boss then pipes up to let me know that I have been given the job of scrubbing 10 years worth of tape marks off the outside of the trailer using brake cleaner/goo-gone and a jay-cloth! I wanted to scream not to mention there were record "highs" today and the trailer attracts the sun...I nearly melted....The trailer is not completely clean yet but does look amazing (my boss keeps telling me) but I still cannot get over how hard it is to get 10 year old duct tape out from under your nails..

Oh bother...


A Girls Gotta Do What A Girls Gotta Do!! haha

The first thing I did when you said goodbye
Was sit myself down and have a real good cry
The next thing I did was put my red dress on
And go downtown dancing 'till the break of dawn

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do
And now I gotta get to gettin' over you
Too bad I gotta do it, with someone new
But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do

MY LIFE STORY ... haha


It has been awhile....

I have not entered into the "blogging" world for quite sometime now and I figure it is about time I update my life!

Well I am working 24/7 and other than that hangin gout with my new older sister and my family. Life is going well...I say well because I still have those "ahh GAY" days and things do still annoy me! Imagine that! The summer is going by pretty quickly, based on the fact that it is alreay June and I am only working until the end of July! Then it is off to Newfoundland and time to pack for California, CRAZY!

The carnival/rodeo was in town this past weekend and I went on Thursday and Saturday! Thursday Catherine and I sat throught the "chucks" and then went on way too many spinning/I am going to puke rides! It was amazing! On Saturday Catherine, BEN and I sat through more "chucks" where we basically just watched drunk men almost fall over and other almost drunk men trying to pick up girls with their doggy, LAME! After this fiasco Benny and I then proceeded to ride the "octopus and the ZIPPER" After all this comotion I needed a blue raspberry sno-cone...my life was complete!

My life is complete, if you have ever had a sno-cone you would know what I am talking about!