I have a sister!

So as many of you may or may not know I am the only daughter in the Walsh household until Monday eveing. On this evening/joyous occasion I ran out to hug/greet my new sister in whom we had arranged matching outfits(didn'actually arrange but were matching) to find she was maybe tired/overwhelmed..My first reaction "Oh jeeez" That was until I saw little Benny practically fall from the truck whipping water bottle out the door, Mr. Kranky little brother. I find out later he had taken 2 night time Benilyn drugs in hopes of passing out which never happened, he felt the effects all evening, it was a sad sight!

Anyways my life is going really well, it is fun to have a familiar friend around for the summer to yell at and laugh with (I yell at her numerous times) afterall it is Catherine and if I wasn't honest the whole frienship would be fake...jeeeesh!...

I need to sleep but I have tomorrow off, thank-you JESUS! may you all have a great day!

Love Walsh

PS- Catherine was my 4th CLBI friend to meet my Big brother Mike and she said he was nice..another thank-you JESUS is needed!



You know how there are those days when everything is going good and then you come across those days when everything seems to be lame...Ya well today is one of those lame ones. Nothing has really happened just everything I had planned has fallen through!..thus far!

1) sleep in....ya that didn't happen!
2) clean room...um sort of?
3) meet the love of my life...dang Grande Prairie..
4) surprise mom with something..i have no ideas..
5) write a letter..no motivation..bah hum bug...

Seriously it isn't really a huge deal just sort of one of those days where you could do things but instead you find yourself writing a blog complaining instead of just doing something on your list! ugh! PLUS I don't even want to shower in fear that my hair will turn into a GIANT poof!! Poor poor pitiful me...



what the junk!!! (MN)

I would like to say one thing and that will be all...!

Why are all my friends MISSING IN ACTION!!!???!!!..

I am going to file a missing person report soon!!!



I'm Wishing,
I'm Wishing,
For the one I love,
To find me,
To find me,

Wish the title of this blog could be "getting married" but unfortunately it is NOT!

Blah blah blah...Walsh


Not Scary!

So tonight well 2 minutes ago I attempted to frighten my little brother as he came out of the washroom. Obviously according to the title of this entry I failed this task. As Ben proceeded from the bathroom and my attempt failed it wasn't enough to let me go to bed knowing I practically suck..oh no...Ben had to explain to me how to exactly scare him so I wont screw up the next time I attempt this random act of nonsense. Turns out I can't scare him from the back but I need to be up in his face so that he is "focused" on the scare and nothing else...

I suck basically!...whatever...goodnight!

Hope all of you can scare better then I can!.



Days go by...

My life is a black abyss...no I am not an Emo!

But really the weather has been so weird...dark clouds, blue skies, puring rain, scorching heat and then mix it with wind and what do you have? Grande Prairie!

My job is a solid...OK!...I am not overly fond of it but it is definitely tolerable, if that makes any sense. Well I hope everyone is doing well..

Oh and I got OFFICIAL word...I am going to CALIFORNIA!!!! Yippee!




Well I found a job yesterday! It was my frost official day of putting out resumes and I got a couple phone calls back. Picked the highest paying one (15.81) and I start tomorrow. The only thing she said I need is steel toed boots! Yah, I am in the buisness of "work" again! Yippie!

There is something wrong with Charlie (I will not disclose here so don't even ask/its awkward) and I am home alone. So I went on the internet looking up "dog fixing" sites, so I have to be the brave one and fix him.....WEIRD....oh well....Pray for me!

Hope you are all doing well...

Leonora and Amy came over last night, we went for supper, then to Petland, then picked up Ben at 10 and they stayed till almost 3am talking my ear off, maybe we all needed to catch up?




Pray for me, that would be wonderful!



Is he homeless???

So to follow up to the raising havoc entry I will tell you something retarded that my mother did to show me the great christian she is...oh dear....

So we are leaving IGA and we get in the car and my mom says "I need to go give that man some money" okay so me not even knowing who the heck she was talking to says "then go, give him some money and get it over with" I am very good at supporting others decisions. So she jumps out with a 20 to find this "man" and anyways he is now leaving IGA. Then she jumps back in the car and chases him around the parking lot as he hops the fence towards Safeway (I assume he was running away from the red car chasing him) Anywho I figure it was over now and we could meet my father for lunch...NOPE...We then go to Safeway park and my mom says "lets go find him" (In my head I was thinking when did the "you" do a nice thing turn into some "team" effort!!!) oh well...We found him at the bun counter, attempted to give him some money, it looked like he was going to knife us and then my mom made me creep around Safeway so he wouldn't find us. My mother is ridiculous. We got in the car and she said "I thought I could be an example to you about giving to others" I wanted to laugh...then she pipes up "That's why giving anonymously is so much better!"

Moral--I will not be working at Safeway in fear that my life be taken from me way to soon.

Oh and the dumbo "Vector knife selling people" call like a trillion times a day and leave messages, they sound more angry with each message...I'm sort of scared!

*No clue what I will be doing today, Dad, mom and I oh and the dog went for a walk, that was soooo windy and fun!*



Raising Havoc!

So today my mother has a day off and we are going to raise havoc in this ridiculous place...actually we probably will not do much of this raising havoc business but it could be amazing did it actually happen!

Anyways my mom is out for a few minutes, about 30 to be exact so I am going to do one of those hyper-cleans around this house and knock her socks off when she gets home. I may go card shopping today because I am addicted to Hallmark and all their funny cards...oh the life I live..

One funny story!

My little brother Ben wanted this intense guitar off of eBay so my mom was convinced and said she would bid on it once and that was it. So she did the bidding and anyways she decided to check the bids an hour before it was over to find she had been out bid. Then being the crazy woman she is decided to bid again. She comes home checks eBay and all i heard was "oh shit" She actually one the darn thing! She hadn't even told my dad she had bid the first time. Ben was overjoyed, mom told dad while I prayed intensely in the basement. All is well except for the fact that my mom has to actually pay for this dang guitar and Ben doesn't even play guitar...My family is whack!



What have I done?!

So I went for my interview which was more like a tour, nothing really. Anyways I probably have that job if my stupid holidays don't screw it all up for me like they did last time. grrr! That is the only thing they are not sure of, my family and I are planning to go to NFLD for 3 weeks to check out our family history it sure throws a wrench into summer work...thanks Frank!

Anyways so when I got home I was surfing the web looking for summer employment. Yah this is where it all gets interesting! I signed up for this job search thing, well so I thought, a quick and easy way to see what kind of jobs are out there. Turns out I applied for this gay dumb job and then our phone started ringing and I received "1 new email" message! Ahhh! Turns out I applied for some knife selling job where I can earn money and benefits selling kitchen knives door to door...Ummm No Thanks!

Only in my life, they called a few times, I will not be returning their calls and I pray they will not call again.