Almost a New Year...

I feel ready for 2009. Do you?

I am ready to in some ways be done with 2008.

Not that it wasn't a good year, it was but I am ready to press on and move forward.

As we move forward may we be reminded to pray for thos affected by tragedy in 2008. May we continue to seek the Lord for guidance and understand the value of our lives. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families in Sparwood affected by the avalanche. We know all of you and hurt with you. May God continue to reveal himself to you in 2009.

Happy almost New Year!


Christmas grief.

My older brother Mike, his girlfriends cousins husband was killed in an avalanche in the Elk Valley. I know the cousin very well and they were just recently married and they have a 6 month old baby together. My brother and his girlfriend are watching the baby right now.

Pray for Christ to be there, for them to see Him and for comfort. The Lord only knows they need it so bad right now!



Quick Christmas Post!

Just a little Merry Christmas greeting from our "new" home in Grande Prairie! The basement is much larger and warmer than the old one.

My older brother did not make it home for Christmas but spent it with his girlfriend in BC. My younger brother ditched me on December 26th to go to BC (Castlegar) to spend some time with his little honey over the holiday season. Alas, here I am alone with mom and dad, knew this day would come sooner than later. Maybe next Christmas I could ditch the family for a boyfriend, ha not likely.

Must go now and start cleaning the old house.



HOME! and have been tagged...

I made it home for Christmas and it is truly lovely to be home.

I have been "picture tagged" by both Jes and Bonnie, to post the 5th picture in my 5th picture file. So there it is! A bicycle rickshaw!...This photo was taken during my one month stay in India two Christmas' ago now! WOW! That was a long time ago. Anyways..to explain the picture a little better. Catherine, Natashia and I were at our good friends Vardhinis relaxing in India when we decided it would be lots of fun to go on a rickshaw. At the time we all had in mind the "auto" rickshaw not so much the bicycle ones we almost always hit with our jeep when driving through Chirala. To make a long hilarious story short we ended up with 3 of these instead, I almost cried when I got on in fear that I was actually going to really die this time in India. As you probably know now I did not die. It was a eventful day of singing, eating ice cream and making one "flaming" joke that will never get old.

there you have it..

I tag...

Merry Christmas.


I'm going home...tomorrow!

I fly tomorrow at 5:50am...

I will arrive to GP at aprox 12:59pm

Just in time to move nicely into our new home!


Can't wait..


Rewards PLUS M00 M00's

Today I bought Elli her very own Moo Moo..for christmas of course! Such a special treat! Now we both have then and can wear them with pride!

Living here in Lethbridge has it advantages, one such is the "rewards" system. We reward ourselves daily, or a few times a week as we see fit to make it through another tiresome horrid day! Some of my rewards have included:

-ELW Christmas Party
-LCI Christmas Concert
-Christmas Clogging
-Millions of sour candies..

Life is not so bad.. My rewards this week will include..a prayer time hopefully with Elli and a benefit concert for the food bank called "singing for supper" and then on Saturday basically smothering my family with Sarah love!

YESSSSSSSSSSS! 4 more days of crap for 16 days of lovely!


I need Christmas! BUT it's Advent!!!

I am an impatient person! If you did not know this about me then you might just not know me so well or have not been in too many "waiting" situations with me! I am also an extreme woman of worry which is sick and makes me sick most of the time. I am on my practicum which I might add is not fun nor easy. I am doing fine but have discovered or maybe have been reaffirmed that this is not really the career I should have been looking into. All seems fine and dandy but with 22 days left or some would say 4.5 weeks to go I shouldn't throw in the towel! However, I really really want too. It is hard to spend 8 hours a day in agony when you just want to maybe be at home with ma and pa and not doing anything. I know, sounds pretty selfish and well truth is it is pretty selfish.

I do these sort of things: Over analyze, freak out, have breakdowns on Sunday afternoons over the phone to my parents while they are in the middle of moving our house, cry a lot and then puke. Okay, life isn't all so bad because I guess(I know!) God is showing me something.

I have to WAIT! I don't want to but I must. I have 3 more days this week, then 5 more then Christmas all I can do is wait. Even if I wanted to pack up and leave tomorrow the lousy 40 dollars in my bank account will get me virtually nowhere! So once again I wait. I wait for a miracle, a slap in the face, a relief, peace but mostly I wait for Christmas..I wait for Christ to come!

All I ask is pray, and Lord I ask that you humble me to pray I feel pretty dumb.


The Weekend..

I made it!

One whole week is finished and now only 2 more until Christmas home time for 2 weeks filled with lotsa love and crazy laughter and massive busyness I am sure. This week was intense! Not only was I extremely nervous and had that sick feeling in my stomach the most of the time it was just crazy busy. The lab I worked at literally threw me out on the frontlines and when I laid my head on its pillow after the first day I had stolen 26 peoples blood..uff duh! At the close of my week I had poked over 100 people and feel a lot more confident in the extracting blood from peoples veins part. Thank-you Jesus!

Last night I had the best "God" evening in a long time. As Elli and I lay on the floor in her living/dining room area listening to music we met Jesus. We met Him raw. It was a night of tears, laughter and relief. Also a night of tight chests, pain and exhaustion. God knows how He needs to hit us and hit us He did! What a guy.

Love always..


Should post now..before I forget..

I made it to Lethbridge and am sort of enjoying my practicum? I am not really sure how I feel! I am here and am not dead and am doing good..

I have taken 53 peoples blood in 2 days which is an isanely large number that my little brain cannot fathom at the best of times...

It is cold here, well maybe it is cold most places in Alberta but I feel the chill down here in the windy city.

Soon is christmas and then I can be cuddled up with the fam watching tv or something like that!

I love you MOM! and everyone else..tee hee hee!

Not dead...YET!

more to follow soon..