The Weekend..

I made it!

One whole week is finished and now only 2 more until Christmas home time for 2 weeks filled with lotsa love and crazy laughter and massive busyness I am sure. This week was intense! Not only was I extremely nervous and had that sick feeling in my stomach the most of the time it was just crazy busy. The lab I worked at literally threw me out on the frontlines and when I laid my head on its pillow after the first day I had stolen 26 peoples blood..uff duh! At the close of my week I had poked over 100 people and feel a lot more confident in the extracting blood from peoples veins part. Thank-you Jesus!

Last night I had the best "God" evening in a long time. As Elli and I lay on the floor in her living/dining room area listening to music we met Jesus. We met Him raw. It was a night of tears, laughter and relief. Also a night of tight chests, pain and exhaustion. God knows how He needs to hit us and hit us He did! What a guy.

Love always..

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Marian said...

I miss you too! It's almost Christmas!