The joys of Halloween! Or as Natashia informed me may soon be called "Black and Orange Day" apparently (Natashia told me this) they are thinking of changing the name so that immigrants in our country will not be so afraid of this day. I mean come on, both Nat and I laughed together when she told me this is what her teacher had told their class earlier today. Even if you call it "black and orange day" people will still dress up spooky, it's just how it goes..well I mean not in every family. The Walsh's always had to be happy things. I mean Mom was not going to send out a bunch of Zombies trick or treating so instead I was a bride, minnie mouse, a baby, you know happy things. I am thankful that I was never the wicked witch of the west or a blood thirsty vampire! Thanks Mom!

Today while walking home from the train I passed two younger gentleman who wanted me to see their halloween display. "A puking pumpkin man surrounded in beer cases and cans. I mean I chuckled. It was really well done, I am sure if you have Facebook it will be all over it, thats how creepy our world has gotten..it might even be a link on some of your pages out there, I'm not against that website at all...no sarcasm.

Tonight I await the arrival of Meghan, BreAnn, Marian and Lennae for super fun times on Halloween weekend. I don't know what I should dress up as? I thought I could donn myself in "Peak" gear and be a poster board for my dad's company or just put on my punjabi dress again and be an indian princess minus the tiara (that is what I was at school- a bit chilly)! Who knows..one sad thing is that not one single child has rang/knocked at our door! I wanna hand out some of that candy! Dang!

Happy "Black and Orange" Day<--that sounds lame!

Happy Halloween? Is halloween happy? I don't think so!


Rise India!!!

This past weekend I had the oppurtunity to go to Camrose and see old friends! It was like any CLBI weekend, exhausting and quick. On Sunday afternoon I was able to spend some good time with my friend Catherine catching up on life. She gave me the above cd which I have been listening to on repeat all day today. It is worship songs written for India and it is really having an impact on me.

About a week or less ago I wondered onto my friend Neils blog (at the side check it out!) to find a plee to pray for India. Mass hurt is going on along with mass killing. I have been praying but I also feel that God is using me in a crazy unexpected way. This weekend while I was visiting with 4 others about our faith life or lack there of I didn't really know how I had gotten so spiritually weak it seemed. When did I fall off the track? Or did I? Needless to say I believe that God has my hand in His. This cd has impacted me because not only can I pray for India but I can worship my God singing songs that are speaking right to India.

God knows what He is doing even if we cannot see it..

I encourage you to read Neils blog and get on your knees..become humble before our Lord.



I am going away to Camrose..woot!

Have a good weekend..

I had 4 exams and 2 lab evaluations this week..- I survived!


Blood Type!!

Today in lab we got to figure out our blood types. I am O positive blood type which means I can give anyone my blood but can only take O blood. Dang!!

But..here are some "personality" traits based on my blood type, not sure how much I believe or agree with this..

Blood type O: The Natural Leader

Positive qualities:
Ambitious, Trendsetter, Independent, Loyal, Athletic, Robust, Passionate and Self-confident.

Negative qualities:
Arrogant, Vain, Jealous, Insensitive and Ruthless.

O is most compatible with blood types AB and O.

Famous people with the same blood type:
Ronald Reagan, Queen Elizabeth II, John Lennon, Paul Newman, Elvis Presley, Gerald Ford, Mikhail Gorbachev, Al Capone.

So there you are!


Playing with urine! ewww..or fun?

So today we had to play with our urine..wait! I will back it up a bit..


We had a lab where we had to pee in a cup to use the urine for Fridays' lab. One by one each of us MLA's took the walk of shame to the bathroom with our gear to pee in the cup. It was so awkward. Some were very open with the process others were already awkward with the thought of this. Some of us peed to the sound of taps flowing, others spoke to eachother to ease the piercing sound of pee in the silence of the bathroom. All in all..it happenned..and we all got pee in our cup..

NOW Friday:

We did a lab today where we had to play with our urine, test it to be more exact as to what I am refering playing with. We had to dip it and spread it on an agar plate, 3 to be exact. Anyways before this we all had to go grab our urine supplied on Wednesday from a tray at the side of the class. If you know anything about urine or urinalysis you would know that it should not sit for more that 2 hours before being tested because it will cloud and form crystals. Our urine sat for about 48 hours..ewwww. So we grab our urine. I am slowly walking to my bench when I noticed all this "junk" at the bottom of my cup, slightly embarassed and not wanting anyone to see I say nothing, go and sit and hide it in the midst of the rest of my instruments.

The girl who sits beside me sort of leans towards me and says sheepishly "sarah..does your urine have like really random things at the bottom?" I look at her and reply hesitantly "yes..does yours?" Immediately she replies "YES! I thought I was some sort of freak!"

To be honest I also thought I was a freak or had some wacko disease..turns out all of our urines looked like that but everyone encountered the awkward stage of "what the heck is in my cup!"

It is good to know your not alone...


falling for fall...

Last night as Natashia and I laid on our backs on our little patch of grass I realized I am falling in love with the seasons. Now I have always loved the seasons but for some reason I feel like I am way more intune with what is happening around me. Gazing out at a lit up down town, Calgary Tower and all made me think "wow, I really live here." I guess I sometimes don't believe it.

A couple of days ago while walking home from the train station I fell head over heels in love with crunchy leaves. Making long, awkward strides just so I could crunch as many possible. After doing this for about 2 minutes I realized I was being followed. I thought that they must think I am foolish but then continued in my love affair with fall.

Today while walking home from the train station the smell was amazing. It was so sweet. The scent was very hard to describe, very comfortable feeling in my nostrils, it I assume is just what fall should smell like before the rotting leaf smell breaks through into the atmosphere. Falling leaves remind me of letting go of my burdens, becoming naked only to experience the chill of winter and the budding of spring.

God knew what He was doing when He created this place, I thank Him for making the leaves of fall crunch so I can feel like I am a little girl again.


Things went great!!!

Well I did my lab and it went really really well..Turns out teacher didnt let the boy to the ECG (thank-you Jesus!)

All is well..