I love horses!--Ahh!

Yesterday I had the oppurtunity to go to a ranch in the middle of nowhere southern Saskatchewan. One of the girls in my sunday morning class has been insisting for quite sometime that I come out to see where she lives. During our mornings on Sunday she has asked me numerous amounts of questions like

"have you ever seen a cow have a calf? Did you ever have baby chicks? Have you ever rode a horse? Do you like tractors?"

Whenever she brings these questions up I cannot help myself but laugh because I surely have not done any of the following except the horse thing. I rode a horse if any of you can remember back to that post while I was in California and it was a freaky experience. My level of riding was sitting on it while a lady held its reigns and walked me around the stable, pretty intense.

Anyways I get there yesterday to see a few horses with saddles on ready to hit the trails, immediately I start to panic. Stephanies mom says to me "So Steph said you and her are going to go riding today" I gulped really hard and in my sarcastic what the heck tone stated quite clearly "I don't ride horses at all, like not at all" The mom just looked at me chuckled and said "go on to the barn they are waiting" I wanted to die!

I get down there and explained I had zero experience on a horse except for maybe when I was a toddler and while in California, very small experiences. At that Stephs dad helped me jump on this massive horse and said "we will take it slow" -- WHATEVER!

I got on this horse, it trotted, it stopped, it spun, it went to the left, the right, it neighed, it sneezed, it breathed, scratched, it was SCARY! I got myself together after a few random moments of this horse "red" speeding up quite fast or randomly turning around and going back to the barn and could finally control the beast!

I thought 'ok now let's just go on an easy ride' --WRONG AGAIN! I went up the biggest hill(yes a hill in Saskatchewan) that I had not ever seen but definitely the biggest I have went up on a freaking horse! At the top I was comfortable then there was the getting back down part that was nerve racking and I found myself saying silent prayers the whole way down. I made it though..Went riding for about an hour and a half and cannot walk right today!

Moral of this story is that even if you don't know how to do something they still make you do it in Saskatchewan even ride old Red up to the top of a freaking mountain and back down again! ahhh!


I'm Back!

It was a crazy fun weekend in Regina!

We visited lots and did lots..

We went to the IMAX

Church was old and fun and the best of all is that Amy dressed me up like a princess all weekend long!


Happy Easter Weekend.

I am jetting to Regina to celebrate easter with my pal AMY CHAPMAN! And this much needed vacation could not have come at a better time...

Have a good weekend, and rejoice because the tomb is empty!


Celebrating the green..

St. Patrick is believed to have driven the snakes from Ireland. Once a pagan himself, St. Patrick is one of Christianity's most widely known figures.

The modern secular holiday is based on the original Christian saint's feast day also thought to be the date of the saint's death. In 1737, Irish immigrants to the United States began observing the holiday publicly in Boston and held the first St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York City in 1766.

Today, the tradition continues with people from all walks and heritages by wearing green, eating Irish food, and attending parades. St. Patrick's Day is bursting with folklore; from the shamrock to the leprechaun and to pinching those that are not wearing green.

"HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY"- wear green!


Beautiful Movie!

August Rush!
This is a fantastic movie that I have now had the pleasure of viewing twice! Full of wonderful music and a wonderful story I am sure you will enjoy it! I enjoyed the fact that it was romantic without being over the top sappy girl movie.


This is my...100th post!

Did you know: "The bible has been translated into Klingon"
(for those of you who aren’t into sci-fi, that’s Star Trek jargon)- I am not into sci-fi but I thought that was a pretty crazy fact to have stumbled across..


Nice Weather..

I am really enjoying the sunshine and melting snow outside..even though I was a part of the prayer for more "moisture" this morning...

Yesterday I made my last snowman of the year with the lady I live with. Her son is serving God in Thailand until the end of April so we froze the snowman for him for when he comes home. We had a good laugh...

This is not him but looks a lot like what he ended up looking like..we have not decided on a name yet:



Tonight is my night to make snack for youth group! I am planning to make turtle brownies and party mix with possibly hot chocolate to drink! We are going skating first so I have been thinking hot cocoa might warm us all up? Wish me luck! I am not a Brenda Walsh in the kitchen more a Ben Walsh, haah! Not that benny is a bad cook but I think you all get the point! I can assure you my final product will NOT look like the following but one can always dream! Happy Friday!


Spring had Sprung!!!!

This will be a quick post lamenting on the fact that spring HAD sprung here in little old saskatchewan only to dissapear! I mean it has been fairly warm for this time of year but I don't like the fact that it melts one day, snows the next! Make up your mind! The farmers in the drugstore talk about how much moisture we need in the ground and are happy the weather is being ADD! I on the other hand am not a farmer nor ADD and would appreciate knowing if I can retire the winter coat or not?!?! Frustrating! It is half sunny and half frosty winter out, why? I want to wear capris and cute tops again without sweaters!



Yesterday I had a bit of a lazy day and thought it only fit to pop a Cold fX pill and watch a classic; Titanic! I love this movie, more adore actually! My mom bought it for me this Christmas on DVD and I am very happy she did. It is just so good and emotionally moving. Apart from how emotionally involved I get when I watch this movie, ie: many kleenexes from the box it really boils my blood also! I feel very angry when I hear of how many life boats there were in ratio to the amount of people on this ship! Also that as 1500 people froze to death in the water the life boats just floated around doing nothing. Do you know that only 1 life boat came back to save people from the water and that only 6 people were retrieved? 6 out of 1500! RIDICULOUS! But anyways I do love the story and I love to remember because tragedy like that should not be forgotten..

On that note tonight I will watch the movie "PS I love You"- I have heard that it will move me to tears and that it is recommended I bring kleenex..I will cry, it is a given, I cry at everything, a tearful mess is what I would say!

Happy Saturday- It's March!