Yesterday I had a bit of a lazy day and thought it only fit to pop a Cold fX pill and watch a classic; Titanic! I love this movie, more adore actually! My mom bought it for me this Christmas on DVD and I am very happy she did. It is just so good and emotionally moving. Apart from how emotionally involved I get when I watch this movie, ie: many kleenexes from the box it really boils my blood also! I feel very angry when I hear of how many life boats there were in ratio to the amount of people on this ship! Also that as 1500 people froze to death in the water the life boats just floated around doing nothing. Do you know that only 1 life boat came back to save people from the water and that only 6 people were retrieved? 6 out of 1500! RIDICULOUS! But anyways I do love the story and I love to remember because tragedy like that should not be forgotten..

On that note tonight I will watch the movie "PS I love You"- I have heard that it will move me to tears and that it is recommended I bring kleenex..I will cry, it is a given, I cry at everything, a tearful mess is what I would say!

Happy Saturday- It's March!


Anonymous said...

I am picturing you singing "My heart will go on" with the actions :) ... did you enjoy PS I Love You??

Have a good sunday!! I can't believe it's already March (I go to England in one month tomorrow agh!!)

Love you,
Natashia xxx

Cat said...

walsh i didn't know you love titanic...i haven't seen it in so long... i want to watch it again maybe we should have a date...I saw it twice when it was in theaters and watched it on video three times the first day it came out...helped that i pre ordered it and picked it up at midnight...oh to be in grade 8 again oh wait i don't want to be..

momma bear said...

See...I knew you would love it again.