More snow...

It's Sunday..it's snowing...it makes me giggle!

I think God is teaching me that "when life throws your lemons make lemonade" or in my case "when God sends snow go stand in it barefoot!"- I mean why not...?!?

We had some girls over tonight, watched movies, ate food, laughed, and most of the girls complained about the white stuff falling from the sky! I like it, the snow that is..I like it! Is that weird to sort of smile because it is snowing at the end of April? I think I like the fact that it is still warm out so you can walk out barefoot in the snow, or that the flowers in our garden are about to bloom and now there petals have those HUGE beautiful snowflakes on them. Speaking of snowflakes, they are the big fluffy ones that seem soooo fake..I love them..especially when you catch one on your tongue..

Winter in April- My favorite!


A Birthday blog!

I turned 22 on the 22 of April! Wooot Big Deal!

On the 21st though I went out on the town with Nat and 3 othere friends to the cutest Italian restaurant where we sipped red wine and giggled with each other. It was the most marvelous birthday eva! I wore my new black dress I got for 21 dollars a few days previous and tried to look Hot! Those were my instructions from Nat except she just told me to be hot..not to try. It was really fun. I enjoyed being dolled up and being surrounded with a bunch of girls who have meant a lot to me!
Then on my actual birthday I induldged in many episodes of Road to Avonlea in my pjs on the couch, one of the BEST days eva. Nat then gave me my birthday present (a pciture frame of photos of us- LOVE IT!) and then we just cuddled all day while waiting for my flowers to come from my mom. Then it snowed..Yesssss! So funny..Then we had to leave to go to the church to help out with this community dinner, so fun also..And Then..a bunch of people came over to our house for tea, cake and conversation...THEN my friend Ginny and I went to Boston Pizza at 11 until 1..it was just soooo fun to chat so much and feel so loved.
Here are some photos of birthday fun times...and one photo of my cleaned car for my dad as proof that it really does exist!



Sing Along Version!

Last night and also a few nights ago I have induldged in Mamma Mia the movie. However unlike most movie indudgences I did not just sit their zoned out on a movie. I was a part of it! Natashia bought Mamma Mia a few weeks ago and we discovered it has a "sing along" version. On Friday before she went to work we watched it and sang along. Last night at my friend Sarahs house we watched it again, four friends (Sarah, Ginny, Nat and I) and sang our hearts out while induldging in chocolate fondu. If you want a fun time get Mamma Mia and sing along, deep down we know your toes are probably tapping when you watch the show so this time be a part of it...

Money, Money, Money,

Must be funny,

In a Rich Mans world.....




A lot of the time I feel like a doormat- here I am, just scuff your dirty boots on me and carry on you merry way.


Guess who is visiting me...

AND he is here until Thursday..best Easter of life..


Happy Birthday...MOM!!!!!

This lady is pretty "freakin" awesome! I am not even kidding ya. She is one hip momma bear who knows how to care and love for her baby bears! I have learnt so much from this woman, how to love, how to trust, how to learn, how to carry on, how to be patient, how to stand up for what you believe in, how to be quiet, how to cook, how to laugh, how to sing, how to cry, how to forgive, how to pray, how to be honest, how to respect others, how to tie my shoes, how to brush my teeth, how to go to the potty...sooooo much! I just love her to bits! MOM you are my bestfriend, God knew what He was doing when He sent me to you...

As nanny would sing and I agree:

A mother's love's a blessing
No matter where you roam
Keep her while she's living
You'll miss her when she's gone
Love her as in childhood
Though feeble, old and grey
For you'll never miss a mother's love
Till she's buried beneath the clay

I love you Mom**

Love pookey..


Hal the snowman..

This last weekend was glorious..especially my Sunday in the sun! It started with church, then we(Nat, Sarah and I) went for lunch at the "Heartland Cafe" a super sweet neighbourhood place that we walked too because it is super close to home and was beautiful out! After lunch we went to a knitting store and a bead store which we all have walked passed at least once since being here in Calgary and have thought "I should go in there!"- so we did- naturally! We then went on a walk to "Campbell Hill" which is a nature park or maybe a dog park? There were lots and lots of pooches.

We built Hal the snowman up there..Then we went to a random open house and strolled down the "actual" Blackfoot Trail here in Calgary- super coool! Then..yes there is more..we went to Sarah's house and had some Chai Tea..we love Chai! And.."milk frother, milk frother"! Then had some pizza and went to the cheap theatre to watch "Bridewars"- it was good..and we ate too much popcorn..yesss this is still all just on Sunday.

THEN..on our way home we all were wondering if Hal would still be alive..so we went to see. Walking through the park in the dark freaked me out of my tree, and as both Sarah and I hand in hand began to slow down while spotting the random thing in the distance..nat nat did not..she then screamed as the black object sped towards us..I was about to dropkick the rabid psycho beast when my vision cleared to see that it was just a pooch out on a walk- good thing! We found Hal..MURDERED! And all that we smelt around him was marijuana..what a doper! We also agreed that the next time we suggest walking through a dog park in the dark that we should just say NO!