More snow...

It's Sunday..it's snowing...it makes me giggle!

I think God is teaching me that "when life throws your lemons make lemonade" or in my case "when God sends snow go stand in it barefoot!"- I mean why not...?!?

We had some girls over tonight, watched movies, ate food, laughed, and most of the girls complained about the white stuff falling from the sky! I like it, the snow that is..I like it! Is that weird to sort of smile because it is snowing at the end of April? I think I like the fact that it is still warm out so you can walk out barefoot in the snow, or that the flowers in our garden are about to bloom and now there petals have those HUGE beautiful snowflakes on them. Speaking of snowflakes, they are the big fluffy ones that seem soooo fake..I love them..especially when you catch one on your tongue..

Winter in April- My favorite!

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Ashley said...

STOP wishing for snow you FREAK!!!