Happy Birthday...MOM!!!!!

This lady is pretty "freakin" awesome! I am not even kidding ya. She is one hip momma bear who knows how to care and love for her baby bears! I have learnt so much from this woman, how to love, how to trust, how to learn, how to carry on, how to be patient, how to stand up for what you believe in, how to be quiet, how to cook, how to laugh, how to sing, how to cry, how to forgive, how to pray, how to be honest, how to respect others, how to tie my shoes, how to brush my teeth, how to go to the potty...sooooo much! I just love her to bits! MOM you are my bestfriend, God knew what He was doing when He sent me to you...

As nanny would sing and I agree:

A mother's love's a blessing
No matter where you roam
Keep her while she's living
You'll miss her when she's gone
Love her as in childhood
Though feeble, old and grey
For you'll never miss a mother's love
Till she's buried beneath the clay

I love you Mom**

Love pookey..


Cat said...


momma bear said...

you are a sicko

Nat Nat said...

Happy Birthday Momma Bear!!