The Beauty Of Vegetables...

Today a good friend of my mothers dropped off bags full of vegetables at our house. I have always enjoyed a fresh carrot from the garden or a tomato off the vine but today I was reminded of how long it had been since I had been in a garden. There is such beauty in vegetables that have come from a garden, they are still dirty and they are all unique. Each carrot looks different, the cucumbers are fat and weird looking and the turnips are all different sizes not to mention the random shapes of the potato. I started to think today about how much our society has "perfected" the art of everything. All carrots seem to look the same, potatos are the perfect size and such...we create our own "perfect" everythings. This is not real though! We create this false reality not only with cucumbers but with ourselves.

I have been involved in a Bible study on Ester "It's tough being a woman" - and it is based so far on how we tend to compare ourselves to others. This morning I found myself comparing myself to turnips, cucumbers and carrots. We are all unique creations of our Maker and we were never meant to be the carbon copies of each other.

Today as we dropped two bags of vegetables off at a friends of ours I thought it was interesting to watch their daughter. She ripped open the bags and thought "what is this?"(holding a cucumber)- We told her what it was and she said "I have never seen one like this!" There was this excitement in her eyes like she was diving into this brand new vegetable world- little baby green tomatoes? Carrots with dirt all over them?- As I bit the end off of a carrot with her I said she should try some..she said "Nooooo"- She went into the fridge and grabbed her bag of baby carbon copy carrots and ate those..

I thought: "Isn't that just like how we are, we would rather conform to the world than eat something or "be" something different from the rest!"

My prayer is that we will truly "Be" the people that God created us to be in this world, Amen.


When it rains..it pours.

Today was a rainy day in my life.

God is really teaching me to let go, let Him in and to be at peace with that. Today as the Holy Spirit took over I cried..I cried in my pew..I cried while I sang..I cried as I walked up to communion..I cried at the rail..I cried all the way back to my pew. As Ben wrapped his arms around me in church this morning I felt like the storms in my life were brewing at an ultimate high. God hears me, He hears the cry of His people...I need to be reminded of that. I'm not depressed, I'm not angry but I am tired..tired of sadness..tired of pain..tired of unexplainable death..tired of sorrow..tired of bitterness..tired of being jealous..tired of being selfish..tired of satan having control over people the way he does. God is with me, in this world I will have trouble, but He has overcome the world(John 16:20) I need to be reminded of this verse in my life.

"rain come down, come and heal these sores, wash them clean, come and heal my soul."- Brie Stoner


Benny is 18! And we are still the same...

It is my little brothers birthday today..he is 18..it is neat. We will induldge in Newfie supper and cake this evening before he goes on his wild adventure to the bar...pray pray pray..I always pictured things to be different when he turned 18, I would be married..I don't know..I would be older, wiser etc..

I am still the same it seems or should I say ..we are... we still live at home, we still sit in our same spots at the dinner table, we cuddle on the couch together still, we laugh at the same jokes and it seems like he is still that little boy in the oversized shirt and underwear sleeping in his little beddy. I mean of course his bed is bigger then it was back then and yes he has gotten a wee bit more wiser but it is neat how God has bound us together and that we can still talk to each other. Not every bunch of siblings gets that, some lose touch, some lose love and some just lose hope. I love that little man..And I wish him a GREAT birthday!

On another note..Youth group starts tonight, we are going to play some games, watch clips from a movie and eat banana splits..God is so good!


I'm a 7 or an 8?

Last night I came home from a long evening of playing with kids and forming more laugh lines on my face to come face to face with Ben's friend Kyle.

Kyle is an interesting fellow. He always want to get into it with me about religion which usually makes me chuckle or start to steam. He always makes up these crazy scenarios that are so impossible and he just waits to see how I will try to answer them.

Some of his questions I merely respond "You're stupid Kyle!"- he just laughs.

Last night it was this "If God is all powerful and can walk through crazy storms and stuff, could He microwave a Burrito so hot that even himself couldn't eat it?" -WHAT!! Welcome to my life of not so religious but still religious debate..I told him that God could if he wanted to, then went on to say that Jesus could have come off the cross, He could have stopped the mallet from driving the nail into His palm but He didn't, so I said I guess if God was ever microwaving a burrito and wanted to see how hot it was He could in fact not be able to eat it because it was too hot..what do you out there think? Oh what a guy..

Then he was telling me how he can get different levels of drunk like +6 drunk which then means a girl that he thought was a 1 would now become a 7 and on and on..Then I lashed back with Ben sitting there and said to Kyle "So how do you base your ratings of girls? And how would a girl like me rate?" - Pressure...He said "Well Sarah it is a number of things personality, looks, what their wearing at the time"..and then he looked at me quite intently(while I am laying on the couch and pipes up).."I think you are a 7 or an 8.."- Just average I thought but he said that 5 is average..I then lashed back that I am a princess so therefore I am at least a 10..then I asked him if he wanted me to rate him...He didn't want me to...

No matter which dummy tries to tell you who you are between 1 to 10..know that you are a 10..always a 10 and that dummy knows nothing. You are daughters of a King and I am 100% sure we rate 10!

May He bless you today..


Pumpkin Spice Latte...oops..

...a delicious blend of pumpkin and traditional fall spice flavors combined with our signature espresso and freshly steamed milk, and topped with whipped cream and pumpkin pie spices...

Did somebody say espresso? Ahhhhh!

It is 1:30 in the am on Tuesday September 8th and my eyes will not close hence this blog entry. If those of you do not know me that well I will state this "I don't drink coffee." The last time I did this it was forced on me by a sweet little old lady and the result was me bouncing around the church office scaring people. The time before that I thought I could handle it so roomate Nat Nat and I induldged..result= 3:00am singing "Lean on Me" while the rest of the group who had slept through our movie night awoke quite shocked at our display, we swayed and everything.

I don't do coffee..I thought it was a tea...I took a sip knew it was most definitely coffee but had to drink it. I mean no I was not held up at gun point and told to drink the latte or else but I did spend nearly five dollars on a drink that later would keep me up until the wee hours of the morning writing a blog entry.

My eyes are open, they wont close and I have a BIG week ahead of me..Lord make me sleepy! Oh I pray!