The Beauty Of Vegetables...

Today a good friend of my mothers dropped off bags full of vegetables at our house. I have always enjoyed a fresh carrot from the garden or a tomato off the vine but today I was reminded of how long it had been since I had been in a garden. There is such beauty in vegetables that have come from a garden, they are still dirty and they are all unique. Each carrot looks different, the cucumbers are fat and weird looking and the turnips are all different sizes not to mention the random shapes of the potato. I started to think today about how much our society has "perfected" the art of everything. All carrots seem to look the same, potatos are the perfect size and such...we create our own "perfect" everythings. This is not real though! We create this false reality not only with cucumbers but with ourselves.

I have been involved in a Bible study on Ester "It's tough being a woman" - and it is based so far on how we tend to compare ourselves to others. This morning I found myself comparing myself to turnips, cucumbers and carrots. We are all unique creations of our Maker and we were never meant to be the carbon copies of each other.

Today as we dropped two bags of vegetables off at a friends of ours I thought it was interesting to watch their daughter. She ripped open the bags and thought "what is this?"(holding a cucumber)- We told her what it was and she said "I have never seen one like this!" There was this excitement in her eyes like she was diving into this brand new vegetable world- little baby green tomatoes? Carrots with dirt all over them?- As I bit the end off of a carrot with her I said she should try some..she said "Nooooo"- She went into the fridge and grabbed her bag of baby carbon copy carrots and ate those..

I thought: "Isn't that just like how we are, we would rather conform to the world than eat something or "be" something different from the rest!"

My prayer is that we will truly "Be" the people that God created us to be in this world, Amen.


ElleBelle said...

do you remember with troy when you were deciding what we would all be if we were vegetables? Amen to stop comparing ourselves. I remember something Jesus said to his disciples, " Don't worry about them. I'm talking to YOU." love you walshy :)

From the Lake said...

Walshy! This is so beautiful. If we all would just learn to grow out of good soil we'd all taste better too. Thank you for blogging often.