am I a squirrel?

This last week I was in Camrose and then I went down to Calgary for a few days to have a little "retreat" for myself so I could learn to breathe again. While on my Calgary retreat I discovered a retreat within a retreat. I went to this beautiful place outside of the city called Kings Fold and spent the day with God. It was such a beautiful day spent watching, waiting and listening for what God wanted to teach me..

I am a Squirrel.

As I sat in the Chapel on this gorgeous property and watched this Squirrel trying to embrace the sudden snowfall. He jumped around, paused, twitched and then would just freak out! He was hilarious to watch and I just stood there thinking is that what I look like? When I am thrown into a new surrounding or have a new adventure..do I freak out instead of embracing what it is and accepting it as my reality. This little Squirrel probably was thinking "I am not ready for winter!"- I feel like this a lot, I am not ready for a lot but with faith in my God I know He will make me ready. God reached me at my retreat within a retreat even if it was only to compare me to a twitchy squirrel.

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