Fell into Fall and Wondering about Winter

It's coming, we had one day of it and it barely lasted. Yup, Winter! The first snow storm of the year and I managed to hit ice and then a curb. Lovely! ha ha  All was good I was not hurt and no one was involved except that poor old curb.

As I babysit my parents dog these last few day I have enjoyed the warm fireplace inside as I study the book of Ruth and ponder at how she was like AMAZING! Oh if only God would grow in me her work ethic, her wisdom, her dedication and her bravery, such a brave soul. I enjoy looking up from the pages of my bible at the flames burning, it reminds me that winter is coming. Soon it will be here..what will it be like?

Cold. I am sure it will be cold but more than just temperatures what is God going to do with me next, what wild road will He send me on. Will I be walking saddened with a relative to a foreign land? Will I find myself in a beautiful field under the watchful eye of a man of standing? Either way I know who my guide will be and will buckle up those winter boots and trek along.

It's been busy up here in the northern country. Things are in full swing I fell into Fall with a bang and a boom and am now stuck at my desk pondering winter..

What does God have up His sleeve this year?

I am so full of wonder as I anticipate.