I have now completely finished this buisness of summer jobs and early mornings..thank you Jesus!!! Woooot!

I am currently sitting in Calgary at my Auntie Donnas writing a little update posty thingy..Tonight we fly out to Newfy-land at 10..PM...ahh! I cannot believe we are actually this close to going..

Well yesterday we spent a day at Callaway Park going on all the rides and being crazy. We got a little too much sun where we started feeling hot flashy and got heat stroke ahhh! Well anyways I went on waaaay too many rides and actually did get sick...there is a first for everything..at least I made it to the bathroom and didnt hurl all over "tip-top" the swirliest ride there..

Pretty soon I am going to go visit with my Hundeby and then see my brudder and then pack up and then leave..


having fun fun fun



It's a great day to be alive!

I had a good sleep and am happy! yipppie!

Today I have one day off then 2 more days of work then like 9 months off haha..Yess! My summer job has been good and it has went by quickly enough for me to love it even more. Last week at one of our staff meetings we had a going away party for ME! I was surprised but I now can say I am an "official Aquatera employee/returnee" everything I got was "Aquatera" it was so generous.

So today I have to run errands for Catherine, well one errand and go to the bank and beg/plead for a Visa so I can have tons and tons of money...or be able to book a flight ha...

I am going to pack all day, and clean and go to the "Landfill" well to get rid of the things I don't need and see my mommy and Catherine..

I should go get ready...3 days and then I am in Calgary and 7 until I am in Newfy-Land! WOW!


"I'm melting"

Well anyways it is soooo HOT that I am literally melting today and yesterday and most likely tomorrow too! ha! I was on the verge of tears today when low and behold a crazy man dropping off used oil "accidently" didn't tell me he had a MASSIVE oil filter inside this 20L pail of used oil. I found out shortly after while dumping the 20L with a big "kurplunk!" and then a little "ahhh" from me...needless to say the right side of my pant leg will remain black even after one cycle on warm in our washer at home...oh bother...on that note I have 9 more days of work left! Yess!

Last night and well the night before too I was laying in our backyard looking up at the sky and thought..imagine if the world was upside down! Like we walked on the clouds and trees grew from "green sky" and to get in our houses we went throught the chimneys... hmm..crazy to think sometimes...I know I know I am nuts but it is fun to "wonder" every now and then!

I have the weekend off which is beautiful and well who knows what I will do, maybe go on a little picnic or something with Ben or sleep the whole day through<--probably not!

Anyone out there? If so, is your world feeling upside down lately?


And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going by WonderRobbie

Wish we could all do it like this guy...AMAZING! I love this sooooo MUCH!


Freedom Writers...

There is a time when you realise what you may be born to do and then it scares the hell out of you. I said it sacres the "hell" out of you because you finally come to the conclusion that satan has no reign in your life and cannot and will not dictate what you should do with your life.

I watched the movie Freedom Writers lastnight with Catherine and other than the fact that I thought I was going to die from pain(damn dysmennhorea(men don't ask)) I realised that this movie was brilliant. Okay yes there were those cheesey lines followed by the fairy tale ending where we all say "of course" haha but in a whole it was a solid depiction of what we should be doing to help teenagers. Now, I am not a Hilary Swank and am not going to put on some pearls and a red suit and go reform the world oh hoodlums and gangsta's but it was revealed to me in this movie that I can...and who knows maybe I will. I have had many people tell me they think I should work in teaching and I have brushed it off with an attitude of "yah okay..nooo" but now I am thinking maybe they are not so far off...

We will see where life takes me but let me tell you all something...wait for the moment when something "scares the HELL out of you" and then you will be free...I feel so capable right now even though I am on the verge of vomitting....oh my life...