My one Christmas pet peeve!

I dislike Christmas lights! I probably do not dislike the whole idea of them just what stupid people tend to do with them. I am very fond of pretty simple white lights on a house but not loops of them...I hate strings of mix-matched colors literally "thrown" at a house. This whole imagery to me is what makes me sick! I also really do not appreciate the big poofy blow up things they are making now a days. A 7 foot snowman? Why? That is just scary and uneccessary! I think the funniest scene I have seen yet was up in Grande Prairie before we left for Christmas...The nativity with onlooking penguins and igloos? Yes because the penguins off Happy Feet were with our Saviour when he was born...Oh dear..

These kind of scenes are what have provoked my dislike...


check this out!

I sit here at my brothers and guess what! It is Christmas EVE! Can you believe that? Well here are some snow capped mountains because I love them!
Merry Christmas all!


I talk too much!

I have discovered that I talk waaaay too much for my own good!

How did I come to this discovery?

Today I decide I will go and Christmas shop for everyone and then I can be finished with all that jazz. While spending most of my afternoon in our newly built Shoppers Drug Mart I find myself chatting up a storm with the lady stocking shelves. There we are giggling and laughing in the Holiday Spirit. I look down to realize I have not put a thing in my basket and I have been in the store for almost a half an hour..Anyways this goes on for a lot longer, however with different sale women around the store! I did complete my task at hand but spend waaay too much time with uneccesary chit chat. I understand now how I am turning more into my mother and why Ben always gives me that "shut up" look when were shopping..

Uff da!


It is almost finished!

It is friday! I am almost on the way home..life is crazy! I think to myself..has it already been a week? And it has! ahhh! I had a great time mingling with old friends and creating some new relationships. CLBI has a really neat vibe this year and I really feel like they all work well together...
But on another note: Christmas is coming! ahhhh! I am sooooo excited! My favorite part are the candy canes, I remember when I was younger we would eat them off the tree throughout preparing for Christmas..we never had any left by the 25th

Stay "in-tune" this Holiday Season!


That was a flop..

Well the video was what I call amazing but obviously was a bit of a flop..I am trusting that maybe one person watched it..excluding my mother who was with me when I discovered its' magnificence.


I am safely tucked away here in Camrose for a week. It has been good so far but I feel that when at CLBI my mouth keeps on moving and words keep coming out. I honestly just want to stop talking but it is as if I physically cannot do such a thing! But in reality it has been WONDERFUL to see old friends, hug, cry and maybe get some clarity as to where life is going. I think it will be a good week, with Pastor Harold teaching I feel like we will have a great time of discussion and getting lots out on the table..probably....

Anyways..have a good week..I will if I don't freeze to death first!


The World Needs A Drink!

I was sitting with my mom the other night, well last night and I broke down! I have been on such a roller coaster that I do not even know where to go! I feel like so much of what I have done this far in my life has been pointless...not completely...I have met really cool people! But I just have those days where I want to scream WHY?!

This morning I have been listening to CMT and thinking about what I can do for dinner tonight when this song came on...I think the world needs a drink! And I thought "It sure does!"- Do not be afraid I did not get in the truck and speed off to the liquor store but there is a good point brought up in this song!

"Politicians slingin dirt
Got descension in the church
Another law suit in the works
Man you talk about a mess
Too much tension between miss liberty and the eiffel tower
Its about time we all made up at some big happy hour

I think the world needs a drink
I think enoughs enough
Shes been spinnin around so long i think she's pretty wound up
Calm down, sit back, relax
Tear up the contracts and save the ink
Yeah I think the world needs a drink "

I am not suggesting that we should all go out and buy a case of beer and say good-bye to our worries. But I do think we could all relax a bit, I know I could relax a LOT! I think we should all let life be...

Have a good day..


For my dad..

This morning while my dad was being ridiculous I thought "I am going to blog about him"! He is a pretty amazing man..full of randomness...Anyways..I do not really know what to say about him but just that you should get to know him..He is a pretty radical dude...I have learned a lot from him and I have laughed a lot at him also throughout the years..but all in all..he is solid and a great man to have around..

Yippi Daddy-O!