I talk too much!

I have discovered that I talk waaaay too much for my own good!

How did I come to this discovery?

Today I decide I will go and Christmas shop for everyone and then I can be finished with all that jazz. While spending most of my afternoon in our newly built Shoppers Drug Mart I find myself chatting up a storm with the lady stocking shelves. There we are giggling and laughing in the Holiday Spirit. I look down to realize I have not put a thing in my basket and I have been in the store for almost a half an hour..Anyways this goes on for a lot longer, however with different sale women around the store! I did complete my task at hand but spend waaay too much time with uneccesary chit chat. I understand now how I am turning more into my mother and why Ben always gives me that "shut up" look when were shopping..

Uff da!


Momma Bear said...

Well if you find yourself turning into me that should be great considering how "amazing" you tell me I am.

Anonymous said...

i don't think it is a new discovery every time you talk to long in a store you say you talk to much

Anonymous said...

I happen to like the fact that you talk too much, Merry Christmas and many blessings to you and yours.
Love you
Mum 2