My one Christmas pet peeve!

I dislike Christmas lights! I probably do not dislike the whole idea of them just what stupid people tend to do with them. I am very fond of pretty simple white lights on a house but not loops of them...I hate strings of mix-matched colors literally "thrown" at a house. This whole imagery to me is what makes me sick! I also really do not appreciate the big poofy blow up things they are making now a days. A 7 foot snowman? Why? That is just scary and uneccessary! I think the funniest scene I have seen yet was up in Grande Prairie before we left for Christmas...The nativity with onlooking penguins and igloos? Yes because the penguins off Happy Feet were with our Saviour when he was born...Oh dear..

These kind of scenes are what have provoked my dislike...


Anonymous said...

well i for one love ridiculous Christmas lights. i think they are funny. i love you Sarah.

Momma Bear said...

Favourite Christmas Memory...
Christmas 2006,
Sarah's family, knowing her dislike of of goofy lights and blowups went ahead and bought the reindeer, santa and a snowman and had them displayed in our front yard for her arrival home from
CLBI for Christmas break. Her words..."You have got to be kidding me..."
Love you girlie