Saturday Fun Times!-Hollywood!!!!

Another Saturday of adventure fun time for thee Miss Sarah Walsh. This lovely Saturday we ventured to Hollywood, where I met up with NATE a friend from Canada living there, ventured into "Beverly Hills" and then stopped at the "Johnsons" favorite treat "Diddy Riese" in LA! It was an action packed day, I didn't see any stars but I sure walked on a few(tee hee hee) enjoy my pictures of fun times!

Where the heck are we?

"Daddy sang bass, momma sang tenor!"-Johnny Cash!


More Hollywood..and Chads head..haha

Ben Johnson and Chad...

Nate and I...Yah Canadian friends!

Chinese Theatre!

Check that out Frank..we rock...Yah! WALSH!

Yes Benny boo boo boo boo benny...its Godzilla!

Chad and Dora..how embarrassing

So famous "Hollywood sign"

Crazy outdoor mall we chilled at right on Hollywood Bl..



Ben relaxing..on the not so comfy couch!


I liked the "eh" a little Canada everywhere!

Check that out!

For Benny boo boo boo benny...

Just because...


nice car...Lamborghini(definitely googled that to spell it right!)

Cookie time in LA!

Just a Rolls Royce..nothign major!

The End...


For my Mommy!

Puppy time for MOMMY! Here is our puppy..His name is Snitchel! Yes cute I know! He was saved by my wonderful Host family because his last owners couldn't handle him. So Snitchel has this thing called a "dribbling problem" whenever he gets excited he will "dribble" a little, one morning it was all over my lap...little "dribbles" everywhere...but who couldn't love the little guy! Here you are mom..or wait MUM! ha!

Snitchel on my bed looking sad!

Check that out Catherine!

He likes to "glare" at the camera!

Snitchel "dribbling"

Snitchel listening..

Snitchel walking...

Snitchel sniffing...


Disney Land!!

A day at Disney Land oh and California Adventure park thanks to my amazing host family and "free" connections! I had a great time on rides, and just looking around and being in awe of the fact that I was in Disney Land. To say the least I came out with a BIG smile and Minnie Mouse ears for all..I had a great Saturday of adventure and memories..

Annika and Me.

Pumpkin Mickey

Walt and Mickey

The Castle

A crazy ride

It's a small world!

The Castle at night

Me and "It's a Small world"


Nothing Extra-ordinary!

SO there has been no beach going to in the last few days..

Life is moving slowly...

California is fine...

I cannot wait for Christmas..


Santa Barbara!

My day in Santa Monica<--oops...Santa BARBARA! was very very speedy but fun! We went to Stearns Warf and hung out, looked in gift shops and I got a few pennys crunched in this penny machine thinger..interestin! ha!

I had a good time..it was cloudy though. We had rain the night before..right in the middle of the high school football game, that was a foreign culture in itself..California high schoolers..aka rich kids with cell phones-annoying! ha!

In order- Jared, Nick and Chad!

Me making a stupid face! MOM I get it from you! ahhh!

pretty sea gull

Stearns Warf

sea gull

Just don't dive! Mom this is right beside the payphone I called you from, I took it right after our conversation...aww haha!