Saturday Fun Times!-Hollywood!!!!

Another Saturday of adventure fun time for thee Miss Sarah Walsh. This lovely Saturday we ventured to Hollywood, where I met up with NATE a friend from Canada living there, ventured into "Beverly Hills" and then stopped at the "Johnsons" favorite treat "Diddy Riese" in LA! It was an action packed day, I didn't see any stars but I sure walked on a few(tee hee hee) enjoy my pictures of fun times!

Where the heck are we?

"Daddy sang bass, momma sang tenor!"-Johnny Cash!


More Hollywood..and Chads head..haha

Ben Johnson and Chad...

Nate and I...Yah Canadian friends!

Chinese Theatre!

Check that out Frank..we rock...Yah! WALSH!

Yes Benny boo boo boo boo benny...its Godzilla!

Chad and Dora..how embarrassing

So famous "Hollywood sign"

Crazy outdoor mall we chilled at right on Hollywood Bl..



Ben relaxing..on the not so comfy couch!


I liked the "eh" a little Canada everywhere!

Check that out!

For Benny boo boo boo benny...

Just because...


nice car...Lamborghini(definitely googled that to spell it right!)

Cookie time in LA!

Just a Rolls Royce..nothign major!

The End...


Cat said...

hey girl thanks for sharing the photos i love them...weren't there any other girls with you for the day ;) maybe you should post photos if there was. looks like you had fun. love you

Momma Bear said...

Love the snaps, looks like maybe you will need to do another scrapbook. Catherine, for your information "Dora" is a girl and she was obviously with them."Hey! Hey! We're the Monkeys and people say we Monkey around".....(for those who remember) On closer inspection, take a second look at the "Sunset Blvd" picture. Do I see Paparazzi! I feel like a secret agent, really look above the window shade.

Anonymous said...

That guy above is following our star Sarah, bet he got some good pictures of her.
Mommy 2

natashia wuermli said...

Looks like an amazing time ... loved the Johnny Cash, brings back fun memories!! Fun to see Nate again?? Oh the adventures you are embarking on ... wish I was in California!! Oh well :) Love you xxx