On of my youth is a basketball player. This means about once a week I find myself at a basketball game cheering her on hoping their team wins the game.

I have never like basketball.

As of late though I have been thinking maybe I never gave basketball a fair chance. I mean I did only try out once or twice when I was in Grade 6? Mr. Wilks was pretty intense and I was quite frankly pretty short! I did also have no real skills, I even held the basketball wrong when I shot, I was a walking failure at the game. I didn't like the sport because you could never hit anyone and I was always getting fouled (sad face).

Just yesterday though I got thinking.

If only I had learned the rules of basketball I am sure it would have been a different story. As I hear the coach talking to the girls saying "plant your feet if they push you it's a foul" I think that maybe had my Grade 6 coach took the time to really fill me in on the "tricks to not get fouls and still be awesome" I may have enjoyed basketball.

To be honest though I am pretty sure I still would not have played it!



This is my new favorite food. I especially love mixing it with black beans and corn. It is so healthy and oh so yummy. When I was home in BC my mom bought me my own "Quinoa Cook Book"

I was stoked!

Ben was less stoked!

I have a tried a few dishes, some have gotten a 5/10 others a 9/10 nothing has made it to the 10/10 on "Bens scale" anyways, haha.

I always ask him about 17 times during dinner "do you like it?" - He always gives me his disgruntled face. Our worst meal he said "I just shouldn't like it, everything about Ben should not like this, but I don't hate it" - hence the 5/10

The 9/10 he was more pumped about, even went for seconds. After dinner I asked him his thoughts, Ben said "Don't make it everyday but its pretty good"!

He likes to give me those ultimatums otherwise he knows he would be eating "this stuff" (how he refers to it) every night!

I love that baby pizza pop eating benny actually tries Quinoa, it makes my heart smile!



LORD, our Lord,
how majestic is your name in all the earth!

You have set your glory
in the heavens.

Psalm 8:1

The word "majestic" is on my mind today. I loved the sound of it as I whispered it in my office today "majestic, majestic"- Go ahead try it, it is just a fun word. All day I was thinking of God and majestic and the obvious connection. I was picturing waterfalls, grand mountains, low valleys, the ocean floor or even hot deserts. Majestic, so huge, so wonderful complete awe filling space.

So I googled it. It being the word "majestic"

The second photo was this one. "Aslan" It may not be the actual "aslan" from the Chronicles of Narnia but I enjoyed savouring the imagery anyways. How majestic is my God. The roaring lion, the cuddly pal, the friend to sinners and the greatest sacrifice. My Lord.

God has a great way of tying in the random thoughts and desires I have and bringing it all back to Him. What started as just a word "majestic" has turned into yet another oppurtunity to dig deeper, to look closer, to experience more the love of my Jesus. He is everywhere, this I was reminded of today..

If God gives you a word..savour it..He usually is up to something..

May the Lord surprise you this bitter cold January..!