day off, pedicures..10 days..wedding..

Oh wow! I have 19 days left of work! Not that I'm counting..but really I am!

Today was one of the the 3 days off I will have with my mom all summer. It was quite nice. We slept until about 10 then pampered ourselves with pedicures where we both tried our best not to pee our pants. Then we did some shopping and now we will make supper for our company. My cousin Jason and his wife and kids are coming for dinner so we are going to cook ribs, potatoes, salad..oh yummm..

I work 10 days in a row starting tomorrow (:( <--sad face) BUT then it is Camrose time for Catherine and wedding fun times! YAH! (:) <--happy face)!

I will be glad to retire from my recycling duties and enjoy school again I think-

Happy Tuesday!


"No entiendo"

aka - I don't understand!

Lately I have had a HUGE feeling of basically nothingness..It is just so bizarre to me?..probably because my life for the last 3 years has been nothing but everything(ness)-definitely not a word but definitely a feeling in my life..weird-

I am playing the "waiting" game-as are most of us..for me it is for summer to come to a close, new adventures to start and revelation as to where this life is supposed to be headed.

I want to travel, do Gods' work..be the witness I know He is LOUDLY calling me to be but I am choosing selective hearing in that category..something I am quite ashamed to admit..but I just did..so one point for Sarah...well not really...

May the Spirit of God flow in me, through me and from me..may I be aware of His presense, may I seek oppurtunity..may I actually pick up my bible and spend some time a lot of time in His word, may I actually get on my knees and pray when that name or issue comes to mind and may my worldly excuses be slaughtered, right to the core, may they be no more..Do not SARAH put off what can be done today for tomorrow...

Lo siento, Ayuda!


dreams...red shoes...south america..

One thing leads to another and before you know it you don't even wanna make a life in Canada anymore..Please oh Please pray for wisdom for me..that I would hear God speaking because I know He is and that I would trust Him in what He has to say to me..

On another note..my red shoes are pretty cute..so cute I might wear them to bed tonight just because they are new and fun!

-Oh and the ADD dog is still stealing "Sassy Sasha"-we are officially in a fight..dang puppy!


The dog is ADD but he went too far...

My parents have been gone now on vacation for almost 2 weeks. I am starting to go a little loopy but Charlie(the dog) has been loopy for almost a week now, but yesterday he crossed the line..

I was so tired when I got home that I crawled right into my beddy just to lay there, not sleep just relax..Charlie found me..as he always does(it isn't too hard when I am the only one in this house). Well he went nuts...like scratching at me, trying to lick me, jumping on me, barking at me, growling...biting my hand..my relaxing little snuggle turned into hiding under the covers for my life..but then all of a sudden he was just GONE!

Instead of looking for him I enjoyed the brief moments of serenity, but then began to wonder where he was..is he in the bathtub? Is he pooping in the basement? Is he "marking" his territory by the television?- I better find out...

As I walk into the living room I am met with one litte shoe -*which may I add belongs to my build-a-bear "Sassy Sasha"-the bear at a value of 64 dollars-don't ask* I walk a bit more and another shoe...then I find the culprit...THERE IS CHARLIE and he has pulled up my poor bears little tanktop so it is almost off of her and he is working on the pants...HE was molesting my bear..I couldn't believe him...I freaked..saved Sasha from the cruel paws of Charlie to discover he already got her head..It was licked to pieces, I was disgusted and furious..so mad I called my mom to tell her "I am MAD at your dog"-

I forgave him..

On another note..everytime I let Charlie out in the backyard 3 psycho crows come and caw and circle him, I think they are trying to eat him, this has happenned 4 days now..I have contemplated leaving him out there an extra few minutes to see what happens but then I realised I would be shot! It is one thing if I say killed my moms plants but let some hungry crows feast on the blessed Charlie the Shi Tzu?- I wouldn't have a head!


I have Dry Socket...

From Wikipedia(dot)org

In dentistry, a dry socket is a layman's term for alveolar osteitis. The alveolus is the part of the jawbone that supports the teeth, and osteitis means simply “bone inflammation”. Alveolar osteitis refers to inflammation of the alveolar bone following extraction of the tooth.
Alveolar osteitis is a painful phenomenon that most commonly occurs a few days following the removal of mandibular (lower) wisdom teeth. It occurs when the blood clot within the healing tooth extraction site is disrupted.

Oh the joy of being me...


a hard day, a sad day...another day..

My church has been struggling with the Great Commission, with the Holy Bible, with actually having to live a Godly life. My pastor convicts them..and because of this he is alienated..he has been asked more told to leave...against his will and call...his heart is broken because there is still much work to be done in this congregation...

today was my pastor's last sermon here in grande prairie and it was again a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit even if every other soul refused to let their hearts drink from the fountain of God. I struggled throughout this entire service, how a church, a CHURCH can be so confused about the God in whom we serve. How they can twist, distort and dillute the word of God until it is easy for them to apply to their lives and ministry. I am broken, lost and hurt. I will not harden my heart towards these people as I have in the past..I want to be called to my knees in prayer, to pray for restoration, for true repentance and for huge amounts of convictions. I didn't know there would come a day when the people I broke bread with weren't even wanting to recognize the name of God. It is like they accept being a christian but the Jesus part is a little too much for them...

I sat alone, no one spoke to me, I felt out numbered on all sides, I had to speak (thank them all for their support) I bit my tongue and shared my experiences in both California and Shaunavon. I encouraged them to listen closely to God and seek him first in their lives before money and possession because he is worthy of all our time. Then I told them that it is when we pull of our masks that we see where God is and that he does show up!

Pray against this spirit of bitterness I feel dwelling at the bottom of my broken heart. God reigns and let him reign in me!

sorrow is building, tears are welling and I know I am not alone in all of this..Thanks be to God.


Breaking through the junk...

sorting out the trash..

This marks my third day of being home by myself and I feel like I am going loopy. Probably because there is no one here besides Charlie and I am used to just a little bit of noise. My mouth is healing I think, it still aches really bad in the morning but I assume that is just supposed to happen so I'm not freaking out.

I have accumulated clutter...have you? This always happens to me when I live from a suitcase for a period of time..and last year was a period of time for me. I try to get in the habit that when I buy something(or something is given to me) that something in return must go but since I haven't been with all my stuff nothing has really went..I spent the latter of this morning sorting throught my room, going through the junk, sorting what can be recycled what is just "trash" worthy. I have too much stuff! I mean no I don't have 79 pairs of shoes but I do have shoes I haven't seen in like 4 years, and that is ridiculous. I find you need to be in a "throwing out" mood to sort otherwise nothing gets accomplished. Today all I had was "get it out" on my mind and I really feel I accomplished a lot in my room..Now it is just to go downstairs and see how many other hidden rubber maid tubs I have in the basement(crossing my fingers for only a couple!)

As I sort through my belongings I start to sort through my emotions also, why I have this certain thing, who it connects me to and if it is healthy. Mostly it isn't healthy the reasons why I hold on to the things I have but by placing a spiritual element into the equation it quickly is sorted into one of the 2 piles: recycling or garbage..

I think Charlie thinks I may be crazy..and I just might be a little bit!