a hard day, a sad day...another day..

My church has been struggling with the Great Commission, with the Holy Bible, with actually having to live a Godly life. My pastor convicts them..and because of this he is alienated..he has been asked more told to leave...against his will and call...his heart is broken because there is still much work to be done in this congregation...

today was my pastor's last sermon here in grande prairie and it was again a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit even if every other soul refused to let their hearts drink from the fountain of God. I struggled throughout this entire service, how a church, a CHURCH can be so confused about the God in whom we serve. How they can twist, distort and dillute the word of God until it is easy for them to apply to their lives and ministry. I am broken, lost and hurt. I will not harden my heart towards these people as I have in the past..I want to be called to my knees in prayer, to pray for restoration, for true repentance and for huge amounts of convictions. I didn't know there would come a day when the people I broke bread with weren't even wanting to recognize the name of God. It is like they accept being a christian but the Jesus part is a little too much for them...

I sat alone, no one spoke to me, I felt out numbered on all sides, I had to speak (thank them all for their support) I bit my tongue and shared my experiences in both California and Shaunavon. I encouraged them to listen closely to God and seek him first in their lives before money and possession because he is worthy of all our time. Then I told them that it is when we pull of our masks that we see where God is and that he does show up!

Pray against this spirit of bitterness I feel dwelling at the bottom of my broken heart. God reigns and let him reign in me!

sorrow is building, tears are welling and I know I am not alone in all of this..Thanks be to God.

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