day off, pedicures..10 days..wedding..

Oh wow! I have 19 days left of work! Not that I'm counting..but really I am!

Today was one of the the 3 days off I will have with my mom all summer. It was quite nice. We slept until about 10 then pampered ourselves with pedicures where we both tried our best not to pee our pants. Then we did some shopping and now we will make supper for our company. My cousin Jason and his wife and kids are coming for dinner so we are going to cook ribs, potatoes, salad..oh yummm..

I work 10 days in a row starting tomorrow (:( <--sad face) BUT then it is Camrose time for Catherine and wedding fun times! YAH! (:) <--happy face)!

I will be glad to retire from my recycling duties and enjoy school again I think-

Happy Tuesday!

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Cat said...

aaahhhh I like how you mentioned it was Catherine time and didn't mention anyone else :D