"No entiendo"

aka - I don't understand!

Lately I have had a HUGE feeling of basically nothingness..It is just so bizarre to me?..probably because my life for the last 3 years has been nothing but everything(ness)-definitely not a word but definitely a feeling in my life..weird-

I am playing the "waiting" game-as are most of us..for me it is for summer to come to a close, new adventures to start and revelation as to where this life is supposed to be headed.

I want to travel, do Gods' work..be the witness I know He is LOUDLY calling me to be but I am choosing selective hearing in that category..something I am quite ashamed to admit..but I just did..so one point for Sarah...well not really...

May the Spirit of God flow in me, through me and from me..may I be aware of His presense, may I seek oppurtunity..may I actually pick up my bible and spend some time a lot of time in His word, may I actually get on my knees and pray when that name or issue comes to mind and may my worldly excuses be slaughtered, right to the core, may they be no more..Do not SARAH put off what can be done today for tomorrow...

Lo siento, Ayuda!

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