Need to catch up!

So a few days have passed since my last post! This is what has happenned:

1) My dad is now 53! WOW! I was sad I missed his birthday but excited that his birthday package arrived on time..I sent it 2 days prior to the BIG day..express of course! Yah!

2) I went to Breakforth, a bit of a quick and random amazing trip! All in all it was a good time of God, friends and fun!

3) We got storm stayed in Edmonton where the group from Shaunavon really bonded! I enjoyed myself.

4) I went to the movie 27 Dresses and give it a capital LAME! It was okay in parts but I thought it wasn't very good..very dissapointing..I should have went to Rambo..jeesh

5) Most of my friends are home form different countries! YAH!

6) I am freezing cold..

7) I am a mother of a little girl in the Philippines! Joyce is her name, pray for her BIG!

Hope you are all well..



But seriously, the snow is coming from all angles! Here I sit in the comfort of a warm house where I should scrapbook(for the church!) but I don't wanna..

This month is almost over but it has been very enjoyable. I have been informed that I now will be attending Breakforth this weekend and that I will be going to Welcome Weekend and possibly Great Falls after that! All in the name of youth group! I feel really blessed to be here minus the fact that the grand prix drives me mental, stop leaking!!!!

I am beginning to get quite aquainted with the people here and they are quite friendly, you've gotta love small towns. I have attended one Broncos(hockey) game and they played Vancouver..I cheered for BC and they took the gold, can't say I was surprised on the outcome! Either way it was a good time of jokes and bonding..

Hope you are all well...I think I am turning into a snowflake..YAH!


The Fat Cat-hopefully!

I am so excited that you all get to see my cute little grey ball of fluff! I love this kitten. We have made jokes that I should tell my dad that he got given to me for all my hardwork down here, dad would not be impressed..I have recently moved into town which is very nice and a lot more convenient..I will try to get pictures soon of my digs..

We had a mini blizzard yesterday so I spent good time shovelling out the driveway! While I was on the verge of screaming/crying I found myself singing "I will praise you in the storm" it seemed very applicable at the time!


the FAT cat!

I have been trying to post a picture of the cutest FAT kitten here on the farm!

As you can tell it hasn't worked LAME!

TBA- Fat Cat photo premier date!


I live in Saskatchewan "Naturally"

Where the heck am I? Well I am in Shaunavon, SK and I am living for now on a quaint little farm! People are very friendly(due to all the waving taking place) and the weather is somewhat like that of California presently! The church is wonderfully small and renovating spiritually as most so I ask for tons of PRAYER here! Hope you are all well..

As for me..

I live on a farm but this farm even has an indoor swimming pool....