Need to catch up!

So a few days have passed since my last post! This is what has happenned:

1) My dad is now 53! WOW! I was sad I missed his birthday but excited that his birthday package arrived on time..I sent it 2 days prior to the BIG day..express of course! Yah!

2) I went to Breakforth, a bit of a quick and random amazing trip! All in all it was a good time of God, friends and fun!

3) We got storm stayed in Edmonton where the group from Shaunavon really bonded! I enjoyed myself.

4) I went to the movie 27 Dresses and give it a capital LAME! It was okay in parts but I thought it wasn't very good..very dissapointing..I should have went to Rambo..jeesh

5) Most of my friends are home form different countries! YAH!

6) I am freezing cold..

7) I am a mother of a little girl in the Philippines! Joyce is her name, pray for her BIG!

Hope you are all well..


Momma Bear said...

I have been waiting for news of you. I was supposed to go to 27 dresses tonight with Jess and Wanda are you saying forget it?

Love momma

jeff & austen said...

Hi Sarah, (Hi momma)

congratulations on becoming a parent! i didn't know you were seeing a filipino man? anyway, these things happen, good on ya for keeping her, i'm sure she's lovely, does she have your eyes? how is she liking small town sask?

momma walsh - sang any good karaoke lately?


Momma Bear said...

No karaoke since Cowtown. I have to save my voice for special occaisions but have been considering doing weddings.