All I want is a flower bed..a garden..some good dirt and cool rain. I have been in that state of mind where all I want is life, blooms and greenery...I want that outside feeling I get when I have been in the yard all day raking, mowing..weeding. I don't even know if I know what that feeling really means..I don't think I have fully experienced it yet. I guess it is more that I want to experience that look I see on Moms face every year as she waters her pots, plays with her water hoses, and weeds her garden. That look of complete contentment. I want that.


23 on the 22nd..

A whole year has gone past. This is crazy!

Last year it snowed on this day..the day is not over yet.

Looking forward to all sorts of surprises!


Mom's BIG 5-0!

Mom turned 50 yesterday!

Ben and I placed 50 pink flamingos on her front lawn and a big sign that read "Lordy, Lordy Brenda's 50!" - because it didn't rhyme and she would love it!

We had a surprise party at our house for her with tons of people, food and laughter! I think she had a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday Mom!

And sorry about the lack of cameras it is a shame none of it was captured but it is all in our minds, you looked fabulous!

Love ya!