dirt under my fingernails...

Today it is so nice out, the sun is warm, the grass smells sweet, the wind is crisp a perfect day to pull up all my flowers and prepare for fall.

I always seem to fall in love with fall. I get really depressed at first and then it hits me. The crisp, lovely, new feeling of another season. I thoroughly enjoy every season actually. I think it is just the change, the excitment of something new.

Lots of people hate winter because it's soo cold, I live in Northern Alberta and winter gets to be minus 40 but I love a hot cup of tea, a good book and being wrapped in a blanket watching snow sparkle outside. Fall is paving the way for winter..then spring then summer then we do it all again.

Today as I cleaned the dirt from underneath my fingernails I realised how much I love the earth, I love the sun, I love the seasons, I love my sense of smell, sense of touch, I love how God can take a tedious chore and turn it into a moment to experience him, be with him and love him more and more...


Update time..

Okay so I am back from holidays, VBS is over, the bee dress I wore was amazing, thanks mommy for making it for me.

Fall is coming, the leaves fall and everything changes..

Changes indeed...

My parents are moving, well more like dad is already gone mom will soon be following...

Mike and Alex will have a baby soon, (thank God for the health and safety with this one), baby is due in January.

Ben and I will likely fly home(Sparwood) for Xmas to be with the whole walsh clan down there(ma, pa, mike, alex, baby to be, kovu the dog and the kittens)

Ben is single again, I told him to join the club, being single isn't all bad.

Our house is truly becomming a home..

God is good, friends filled me up on holidays thanks so much( Nat Nat, Christy, Sarah, Marian, Breanne, Austen, Jeff, Hundeby, Jannaya, Graham, AMY, Cat and my beloved Allison)

My cars service engine light came on, I love warranty and men who think young blondes are so foolish, what a laugh.

I baked today and therefore my house smells delish!

Thanks also God for revelations, rememberance, dance parties with seniors, take out, the movie theatres, my little Joyce, music, bens guitar, water and so so so much more..

Oh and for couscous!

That's a wrap ladies and gentleman!