I got into SAIT! I am sooo excited! Life is moving forward and I am smiling big! Orientation is at the end of August..YAH!

On Another note..

I went to the "Phantom of the Opera" yesterday, it was the best thing I have ever seen in my entire life. I was literally blown away..so awesome! I had a chance to meet up with beloved Austen and visit briefly which was lovely. I had a great great weekend of laughter and fun with Marian and BreAnn..

2 more sleeps and I am out of Shaunavon, pray for closure and that I would pack! ha!


My Pool Party Fiasco

Today is my birthday and I am now legal everywhere in the world..wooot for 21!


Last night a few of my close girlfriends (Meghan, BreAnn, Michelle, Renee, Marian and Steph) through a party for me out at Meghans farm! Now I knew it was hapenning but was unaware of what we would be doing, well my abs still ache from all of the laughter! It was an amazing night! We induldged in chicken wings, french fries, chips, dip, veggies, crackers, jalepeno jelly and CHOCOLATE! Life was complete. Meghan has an indoor pool on her farm so we also went swimming, I had a pool party for my 21st with some of the greatest friends I have made here in Saskatchewan. While sizzling in the sauna with my friend Renee it really hit me that I am leaving really soon and that this moment will be over, at this the tears began..but I really do feel God has used these women in my life so powerfully and I have been so blessed by each of them! We finished the night off by sitting around a table sharing God after God story and opening up about our lives. I was sitting at a table of girls and transparency and I felt so relieved, comforted and most of all accepted!

We shut the lights off at 4 am..I am tired and should shower soon..

I think my 21st birthday takes the cake for amazing, memorable and fun! God is good!

Oh and my cake was in the shape of an "S" I was so happy..except that I had like 7 candles still burning when I blew the candles out, I am such a playa..haha



At the end of the month myself and my friend Breann will drive up to Saskatoon. Once arriving we will meet up with our other friend Marian for super fun times. I am going to the Phantom of the Opera! So excited! Yesterday I went out and bought a cute dress and suit jacket for the event, oh snazzy! I am hoping to connect with some post CLBI friends also while I am up there.

Just a few more weeks and I will be home working again and probably missing everything about small town Saskatchewan, pray that my transition back to family life will go smoothly.

Much love, Sarah


Making Punch

I am making punch for Youth group and really wish I had moms tupperware bowl! There are nice bowls these days but not like mama's big yellow one...'mom think you can express it here? I need it for tomorrow..'


Happy Birthday!

Today is my mommys birthday and that makes today a day to celebrate! Soon I will be home to be with her and daddy and benny for fun summer times!


Flip Flops and toe nail polish!

Summer is just around the corner! I smell it in the air, feel it in the warm sun and dream of it while I wear my capris around the house! I have purchased my first pair of flip flops of the season and I am excited! Today while talking to my mommy on the phone I painted my toe nails..Summer is surely coming.

Flip flops and painted toe nails make me remember sun burns, cold ice tea and late hours on the porch swing in the backyard! May the sun warm your body as you prepare yourself for the summer ahead. A period of contemplation on what next fall has to offer each of us! I just want to jump in a cold lake or river or something, Summer is almost here..maybe I should be more excited that Spring is here?..I love the budding flowers...Oh I love these 2 seasons a lot, they revive me of the winter blues..


Missed it..

Today is the all acclaimed April Fool's Day and I missed it! I was so pumped on the 30th and was thinking of all the hilarious stunts I could pull and then I forgot! Who forgets? Boo! -

I mean crunchy peanut butter on the toilet seat anyone?
Saran Wrapped cars?
Rooms full to capacity with balloons?

The list is endless and I forgot...is there a chance you can do this day over?

Well on another note my birthday is in 21 days! I go home in 29! Mom heads up, I would love a birthday cake in the teddy pan, possibly chocolate with chocolate icing? Yumm!