Flip Flops and toe nail polish!

Summer is just around the corner! I smell it in the air, feel it in the warm sun and dream of it while I wear my capris around the house! I have purchased my first pair of flip flops of the season and I am excited! Today while talking to my mommy on the phone I painted my toe nails..Summer is surely coming.

Flip flops and painted toe nails make me remember sun burns, cold ice tea and late hours on the porch swing in the backyard! May the sun warm your body as you prepare yourself for the summer ahead. A period of contemplation on what next fall has to offer each of us! I just want to jump in a cold lake or river or something, Summer is almost here..maybe I should be more excited that Spring is here?..I love the budding flowers...Oh I love these 2 seasons a lot, they revive me of the winter blues..

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