God does not need PERFECT women He needs PASSIONATE women!

What does this phrase mean to you?

For me..

Passion according to Dictionary.com means "any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, an outburst of strong emotion or feeling, a strong or extravagant fondness" and much much more.. So as I sit pondering just passion what it would mean to truly live passionately...having a powerful feeling of love that caused me to burst into action I think I miss it..everytime i miss it! I feel like I have completely missed the point behind being "passionate"- maybe I linked it with being "compassionate?" - I really don't know.

I do know that I work a lot more at being liked, attractive, acurate, PERFECT in my daily life than I do humbling myself, asking God for guidance, taking time to be still and being PASSIONATE in the one who died on the cross for me! In John 15:16a it says "You did NOT choose me but I chose YOU"- I have been basking in that thought..He chose me...Like when all of us awkwards are lined up against the gym wall waiting to be picked..He picks us...and He is calling us to live passionately, to fight for Him, to share about Him, to love Him, to love His creation, to honor His teachings, to represent Him well but most definitely NOT to think we have to be perfect for Him.

Seems like such a Sunday School thought but don't we find ourselves putting on our little "show" just to see how many heads will turn and say "Wow look at her, she is so great..she is perfect!"


I should be sleeping...

I should be sleeping but instead I am working. I always get in a productive mood right before bedtime. I feel like lately I have not been sleeping well and that I keep going to bed later and later but I guess that is just what happens when your body is not tired.

This week I am dwelling on this thought "That I am anointed" - God has anointed me and I am His. I need to remember "whose" I am to discover "who" I am. God is really teaching me that He is my father and I can truly rest in Him with all my worries and fears. I have storms stirring left right and center, satan is on the prowl...I wake up trembling, I drift off into thoughts that are not from God and I say words that should never be uttered out of my mouth..he is on the prowl..I however stand in the power of my Lord and can fight back! That I am trying to do with the help of God daily..Daily taking up my cross and following Him. I have been trying to focus every thought on Him from the wasted time at the sink brushing my teeth to my simple commute to work..I sing praises to Him...I shout "YOU REIGN" at the top of my lungs and I pondered His word in my heart..

May you remember this and dwell on it.

"It is not about who YOU are..go tell the world who "He" is!"

Thoughts from Walshy this early morning.


Happy New Year!

Ben and I moved into our place today officially! Of course there are a few things that we have left to pick up from mom and dads but other than that we are set. It feels so werid but amazing to have our own flat. I have unpacked most of my stuff which feels so good because I really feel like I am at home. I mean there is not any food in the fridge and things but that is just minor..who needs food when ma and pa live up the road? haha! Kidding.

Well here is me signing out for the night..not much more to say.