Happy New Year!

Ben and I moved into our place today officially! Of course there are a few things that we have left to pick up from mom and dads but other than that we are set. It feels so werid but amazing to have our own flat. I have unpacked most of my stuff which feels so good because I really feel like I am at home. I mean there is not any food in the fridge and things but that is just minor..who needs food when ma and pa live up the road? haha! Kidding.

Well here is me signing out for the night..not much more to say.



Nat Nat said...

Happy House Warming! I'm glad that you were able to get settled into your new home quickly. I know how much better you feel once everything has found its new place. Guess what? 25 days ...
Love ya xxx
PS Thanks for the comment. It was very encouraging and made me feel very special to have such a wonderful friend who can easily express their thoughts and feelings in such an encouraging way. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Sarah! So much exciting news in your life! An auntie and a new house! Can you send me your new address so that I can send you stuff in the mail!?

ElleBelle said...

walsh!!! how exciting and wonderful!

our address is:
414 1220 Cardero St.
Vancouver Bc
V6G 2H7