Babe Ruth wannabe..

I joined the Church baseball team not because I thought I would be any good but because I need to meet people in a non threatning atmosphere. So here I am with a bat in my hands wanting to scream when "Big Bob" pitches the ball. I don't remember being that afraid of the ball when I was younger, maybe I always was. I hit pretty good when my eyes are open but most of the time I am trying to swing with squinty eyes because somehow I feel that if I can't see the ball I won't be afraid. I'm pretty stupid. Dad (he plays too) keeps yapping "eye on the ball Sarah" whatever man! When I crack one it flies but I need to learn to focus on that dang ball, as it gets closer I get more freaked out. I also use sound affects to cope with my fear, ahhhh, eeeee, woooo, oh oh oh deeeeaaaar, gaaah....etc...

We are called the "Goodnews Bears" pretty funny if you ask me but I am sure it has a long history and was someones clever idea.

One Youth has dubbed me "Babe Ruth" (he has been around when I crack that ball)- So whenever I am up to the plate he cheers for me "come on babe ruth"..I think its classic. He is also quite helpful in giving me tips on my batting stance, like I'm listening to him through my squinty eyes, jeeeesh.

I got to thinking that I have no idea what Babe Ruth looked like so I googled him, not the most handsome man but he sure has a game face and some good words of wisom

""Love the game of baseball and baseball will love you."

I like it, has a nice ring to it. I think I will apply that next time I am squinting at the plate. To be honest I think I will apply it to a lot of things, my new job, my friends, my family, my coworkers, my body, my heart and soooo much more. I think the more loving we do the more we are going to see coming back our way.....



Ben graduated, then it poured rain..then it SNOWED! hmm..Awesome!



Baby Bennny boo boo boo boo boo boo Benny is freakin' GRADUATING!


Hold the phone!

"Did you say "baby" benny?"

YUP! I sure did! Cap and gown and everything..even a tuxedo! YES! I said tuxedo!



Nice weather isn't always enough...

How does a person knock the discontent sad feeling? I am trying to knock it.


It's May...new adventure at hand..

Because I miss the Ocean.

I am home now in Grande Prairie and all unpacked. My life is surrounding me on every side, pictures, letters and memories of the past little while. I feel restless but rested. I have odd feelings. I am pretty sure this is what it means to "lean on the everlasting arms" because I am feeling a little anxious. I just want to get started and immersed in the ministry here but I must wait...ha..just until tomorrow..but still!

My mom's surgery went very well. She is in a lot of pain though so please pray for a fast good recovery. She just is very tired due to the medication so also pray she will get the rest she is desiring. She is such a fighter.