It's May...new adventure at hand..

Because I miss the Ocean.

I am home now in Grande Prairie and all unpacked. My life is surrounding me on every side, pictures, letters and memories of the past little while. I feel restless but rested. I have odd feelings. I am pretty sure this is what it means to "lean on the everlasting arms" because I am feeling a little anxious. I just want to get started and immersed in the ministry here but I must wait...ha..just until tomorrow..but still!

My mom's surgery went very well. She is in a lot of pain though so please pray for a fast good recovery. She just is very tired due to the medication so also pray she will get the rest she is desiring. She is such a fighter.


Anonymous said...

Sarah Walsh I miss you. I hope your first Sunday went swimmingly. Praying for you!

Nat Nat said...

Hey my dear ... hope you're first couple days are going well, will talk to you soon hopefully. Glad to hear that Momma Bear is doing fairly well and am praying for a good recovery.
Love you xxx