A New Car

I bought a new car, yup sure did.
A 2010 Nissan Sentra, loving it.


A long time..

Wow, just noticed that I have most definitely fallen off of the blogging world! Oh well, not much is new, that's all I can say, I played baseball last night-surprise!

Well summer is in full swing and I am loving it, I love summer with my job because for once I get a semi 9-5 mon-fri sort of a life! It is so refreshing. All year I am gone, every evening is church something so it is really nice to make supper and then lounge around after with Ben and not have to rush out. I am enjoying it very much so.

Last weekend I was in Edmonton with my youth for the National Youth Gathering. This was a very very good/tiring/wonderful time, I am so proud of those kids. It was 5 days and most of the kids slept for the drive home. I praise God that it went so smoothly and that the dynamics in our group did not clash as much as I had anticipated, thanks God for surprising me!

While away our garbage can lid blew off, no fun! So then we were greeted with maggots! Honestly they must be THE most disgusting things anyone ever has to deal with, thank goodness it was the outside garbage can! eww! So I called Ben to help the situation, to make him feel needed, that he is the man! ha. Well they wouldn't die so we googled how to kill maggots.

Do you know there are people who think killing them are cruel? - WHAT! jeesh! Killing cats is a little mean but maggots! puke puke puke!

Anyways we were told we could use this RAID hornet/wasp killer so we went on the hunt. While searching Shoppers for said weapon I noticed the names of RAID one made me laugh so much "Spider Blaster"= Ben loved it. So I then said to Ben "we just need to find some maggot faggot" - I caught him off guard, then realised what I had said and thought it was the only thing I thought of that rhymed! oops!

So in Bens words "If you want to kill maggots just use some Mr. Clean, Pledge, Maggot Faggot (Raid wasp killer). vinegar and some rum(thanks evan?)- the rum just got poured in there because evan had some and hates it!

They did seem to die. Or possibly their all drunk?

I felt bad for the garbage truck driver today! Oh well!

Happy Monday!