Safely tucked away

Well I have made it to Calgary and am loving it thus far!

I am at SAIT presently, just got my ID card and all of that jazz then off to the book store..oh bother!

Well we arrived on Saturday and unpacked my stuff-sort of! Then when Nat got home at 4 we laughed, hugged and did little cutsie jumpy motions-typical! Then we got ourselves together and went to my Aunt Donna's to meet up with the gang. We then went for dinner at "Symons Ranch House"(or something)- then we moved a bed, dresser and other things from Aunt Donna's to my house. At about 12 we all went to sleep.

We got up on Sunday, showered and battled the mobs in Ikea! We bought many fun things including a bunkbed for Allison and I- I was pleasantly surprised when momma bear got the bill-she didn't have to do that! Then we went for lunch at Ikea because Frank was hungry! Then my older brother called us so we basically went for lunch again to fit in a mini visit. Then we went home and decorated/Ben and mom built the bunkbed. Then dinner at Aunt Donna's which was superb and now life seems to be leveling out- BUT I still have to unpack massive amounts of boxes.




Today was my "official" last day as an Aquatera employee! My other coworkers threw an oreo cake party for me which was half sooo fun and half really lame..oh well..

My car is overstuffed- Dads truck has a futon "strapped" down and we are ready to embark tomorrow morning!

Soon I will live in CowTown! - WOW!


Google really does have everything!

Meet "Wacky Duck" as the Walsh family tends to call him! He is our favorite summer toy! Sadly tonight AUGUST 17 is the first time we have literally "dusted" him off and hooked him to our hose. He is the most friendliest little sprinkler any family could ever hope for and he is all ours! I thought I would google "duck sprinkler" and see if an image of him would pop up and would you believe one did! This internet buisness really is just that cool..Speaking of cool tonight after supper mom, dad and I induldged in wacky sprinkler fun times. I mean the heat in this city is too much to bear! I just wanted to share our little friend with other friends. I think I may say goodnight and convince my gaming little brother to jump through a walsh family tradition duck sprinkler..
Hope you are just ducky!


The big "27th"

My parents have been married for 27 years today! Holy Crappola! Ooodles to them for staring at each other for this long and putting up with the three nuttiest children around!


But serioulsy I think it is incredible in our day for 2 people to be married for this long, it deserves way more than a pat on the back. It reveals to me how much "work" there is to put into a relationship even when at times it would be way easier to be lazy and quit. I can only pray that if one day I ever meet someone to marry that I can have as much dedication and determination as my parents to stick it out through the good and the bad. You know though, my parents really love each other and that is something else remarkable. They (I think) are still falling for one another and that is what makes me smile like crazy inside..

Hmm..other then amazing parents, work continues to get more and more lame..I think my weekend away was fun but now being back I am quite happy that in 8 days I can scream "BYE" and most definitely not shed a tear over this place..oh wow..

I'm at work and would you believe that I think I just saw a man "peeing" by our grass bin.. ? wow


Wedding Weekend

"The man said,
"This is now bone of my bones
and flesh of my flesh;
she shall be called 'woman,'
for she was taken out of man."
For this reason a man will leave his father
and mother and be united to his wife,
and they will become one flesh."
Genesis 2:23-24
This weekend was a wedding weekend of friends and fun! I must admit that over the 2 days I spent there I most likely got the least amount of sleep yet this summer, all worth it though. Chris and Lindsay had a wonderful wedding and it was great to be a part of their special day. I had a great time with old friends, remembering old times and creating new moments to remember later down the road. I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend!
Now I am home and back to work, worked a 10 today and really felt the lack of sleep from the weekend, uff da! But with only 8 more days of work remaining I think I just might survive this recycling summer!
Prior to my wedding weekend my dad was able to sneak my car into the shop(Friday morning)to have new shocks and struts put in, quoted at a price around 1000 bucks. I was shocked but one must get places and a car helps that journey happen. So I prepared myself for this money nightmare. Turns out (as it seems it always does) that the situation was more complicated that shocks and struts and when I got there the grand total was 1700- I almost threw up!!! However, thanks to Frank Walsh and having all his work trucks worked on in this shop he wheeled and dealed and the total of 1700 turned to 1300- I love fathers! AND the car is way nicer to drive now!
But as mentioned earlier, "I am exhausted"!


Hey God...

31°C ?

just ridiculous!
..but thanks for this sunny day anyway!


Day 5..

Well it is day 5 in the 10 day stretch for me! I am feeling a little tired but surprisingly I think I am doing A-ok! Must be that luckily none of the "real" idiots that I work with are working! YAH!

Well it is sunny today to add to my working life, wish it could be chilly then I wouldn't hate the fact that I must put the steel toes on again and work.

In happy news..Family comes home on Tuesday night, I leave on Friday night, Mike will be at our house when I get home on Sunday..

um and and and and....20 DAYS until Calgary amazing life times! Woot..Woot..Woot..

Oh and last night I played with 3 snotty nosed kids(they werent mean- just runny noses) then ended the day with a "Mint Mocha Chip Frappucino" from Starbucks...day complete!