Safely tucked away

Well I have made it to Calgary and am loving it thus far!

I am at SAIT presently, just got my ID card and all of that jazz then off to the book store..oh bother!

Well we arrived on Saturday and unpacked my stuff-sort of! Then when Nat got home at 4 we laughed, hugged and did little cutsie jumpy motions-typical! Then we got ourselves together and went to my Aunt Donna's to meet up with the gang. We then went for dinner at "Symons Ranch House"(or something)- then we moved a bed, dresser and other things from Aunt Donna's to my house. At about 12 we all went to sleep.

We got up on Sunday, showered and battled the mobs in Ikea! We bought many fun things including a bunkbed for Allison and I- I was pleasantly surprised when momma bear got the bill-she didn't have to do that! Then we went for lunch at Ikea because Frank was hungry! Then my older brother called us so we basically went for lunch again to fit in a mini visit. Then we went home and decorated/Ben and mom built the bunkbed. Then dinner at Aunt Donna's which was superb and now life seems to be leveling out- BUT I still have to unpack massive amounts of boxes.



Angela said...

Ah WALSH! I miss you too. You know if you guys ever need anything call my mom! Nat knows that! Glad things are starting off well keep me posted!

Ashley said...

... and then you ran into Sam and maybe one day you will hang out with her and her good friend Ashley (aka Nooksack)?

Anonymous said...

yea hang out with US....SOON..