Sam and Ashley, soon I will call- life is psychotic! ahh!

Well I have passed the long dreaded "first day of classes." It wasn't so bad! I really enjoy my course and classmates a lot! I am excited about getting naked from the waist up once a week so a fellow classmate can test my heart! Also am ooober excited that I am paired up with a boy once- oh my!(hand over mouth!)= But for real it is good because then I will know the difference between hooking and ECG up to a guy versus a girl!

Allison moves in today- I am estatic- YAHOO! Unfortunately Natashia and I both have classes until four! But we will hurry home that is of course if Transit cooperates! Dang buses!

Well thus is my life.

Yesterday I went to our first college and careers while rather humorous it was also intense full of discussion that screams hunger. It was a night of Iron Chef, Jesus, Backstreet Boys and then finally Christmas music- I said it! We did listen to the Christmas favorites just really rocking- Seriously Ben you would love it!

Other then that- Adios!- Mom send mail! hehe!

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Ashley said...

Was I just referenced on Sarah Walsh's blog?! Oh my lucky stars Sam, we're FAMOUS!