SO how about this pick up line "Can I see your veins?"

Turns out I am more of a freak then I ever thought I could be.

Our teachers have been telling us that the more we study veins the more we will be looking at peoples arms as they walk by searching for nice veins. They tell us that instead of thinking a guy has nice eyes..we will be wanting to palpate their veins. For those of you who don't know..to palpate means to make worm like motions with your finger on an arm feeling for the vein. Now as all my teachers have been saying all these things I have been thinking "Oh ya! That will be the day when I just randomly palpate someones vein"


Today on my way home on the train while talking to a fellow MLA we started comparing veins..making a fist..trying to get our veins to pop a bit...THEN I randomly just started palpating her veins..(I loved it-ahhh) before I could stop myself I was in a trance..then I came too..realised I was in a public place and 2 gentleman were staring intently at my worm like finger pushing on her arm...no one gets it!

tomorrow I take blood from a real live human for the first time..ahhh!


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Breezy said...

Wow I totally get it Sarah!!!! I have definately started up a conversation with a guy by saying Wow, you have nice veins!! ha ha. Good thing it was a guy I knew pretty well, so he just laughed..... I even notice veins in people on TV and in movies sometimes, its bad. O well..comes with the medical profession I think. Luv ya

ElleBelle said...

I met a friend on TREK who is exactly the same way. She will stroke our arms and tell us what size needle she would use etc. You cannot, however, stroke my arm because I dislike both needles, and thick veins full of blood.