We have internet!!

I am back to the world of internet! Wooot!

Anyways, I am officially in week two and really know how it feels to be back in class and confused with formulas and the heart.-lame-literal heart not emotional heart-dang atriums!

Funny- Yesterday the bus drove past me. Seriously I hate that these sort of things happen to me, why?- I still got to class with time to spare but seriously was mad at Calgary Bus Services!

Tomorrow is a full day of labs! I start off the day with taking all my clothes off from the waist up and letting a fellow student basically hook me up to a machine to see the wave lengths of my heart, I am excited..yet a little nervous- maybe not nervous- shy?? I don't know..now that I am in the medical field it is all about the bluntness as I am learning with the many discussions our teachers have "frankly" had with us..


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Marian said...

i am glad you have internet back. it was lonely without you...(hehe)