Excuse me, excuse me..oh oh..thanks..

Yesterday after watching 4 trains pass by me which were far to full for any person to fit into I had to take matters into my own hands. "Was I just going to stay at this train station forever?" certainly not! After being in India and witnessing how much I know the human body can squish in tight situations I was quite agitated at how North Americans are afraid to touch each other! my train was coming..coming down the line..I was determined..it was packed! This lady was standing next to me and said "oh, no room again!" I peered into what was "a train packed with people, and more closely 5 really tall men standing in a circle holding on to a pole for support." My patience, wait..what patience! I wanted to be home! I politely squished my way right into the middle of this "man circle" and hugged the pole..they all just chuckled and looked at me. I looked up at all these men staring at me and sheepishly said "I just want to get home..."- they all smiled!

Today the train was full again. I started talking to the friendliest homeless man of life. We just shared small talk, where I asked how bad it was raining out..he assured me it was clearing up. As I exited the train he hollered "don't get to wet sweetie"- I wanted to hug him but realised that sometimes you just can't do those things..I politely smiled and waved..THEN while waiting for my next train these two men were in the train staring out at me on the platform doing the "call me" motions and smiling and being oober lame..-bah- I am waaaay out of their league..Then on my final train home I got to enjoy the beats of two high school rappers, one ipod listener, a lady with one million holes in her face and a very handsome construction worker who smiled at me..

Now being home and enjoying the weekend I realize that as a writer I think and believe public transit gives the best ideas to a good story.


Momma Bear said...

That's my girl!

Calgary isn't gonna know what hit them.

Love and joy can be found in the most unlikely of places.

I have seen a few of my homeless buds today and am wondering about their struggles.

I love you and miss you. I am listening to Jaylene Johnson. She is to great for words. Check out her songs at:

Have a nice weekend.
kisses and hugs

Walshy said...

she really is wonderful! I like! I like!!

"butterfly girl, don't you know your beautiful by now?"

miss you!

momma bear said...

it really is only you and me in blog world. Today I babysat Dominic and Isabelle. Tonight Dad and I had a fire in the backyard. Life is pretty sweet.Ben didn't get tickets to his concert and we bought him a $300

Walshy said...

You bought him a car? Fill me in!!

Breezy said...

I really don't miss those c-trains! I have a lot of good stories about them after riding them for 2 years tho while I was in Calgary...crazy times. They are scary at night!

Anonymous said...

I don't like creepy men. It is, however, kinda fun to be getting that attention now and then. But, yes, I've definitely heard some stories about the Calgary trains, especially at night.