Job Search..

I am nesteld in Calgary searching for a job..SICK! I hate looking for jobs. I have applied for 2 and have decided I am done now! haha!

I will hed up to Edmontom tomorrow with Nat Nat to meet up with Ally Ba Ba and Mamma dearest for Breakforth fun times.

After this then I will crack right down on the job searching buisness..

It is so beautiful out today I love it!


Done, Home..ahhh.

Lots of changes have been happenning.

I finished!

I then drove all day Saturday home to Grande Prairie to surprise my Pa for his birthday, it is marvelous to be home! I will leave Tuesday and go back to Calgary to be reunited with my long lost girl Nat Nat for amazing fun times.

It is neat to be home, surrounded by love, a time of reflection and renewal. I have a lot to think about, I have a life to live, I am living it I suppose, day by day, It is just weird to think I am at a definite crossroads and wherever I feel led I can go..wow!

much love..


10 days have past!

An update..

*2 more days of practicum.

*It is snowing today.

*My older brother is engaged.

*My older brother's fiancees dads in the hospital.

*My dads birthday is on Saturday :)

*My little brother is in the middle of diplomas in High School/newsflash he is in grade 12! Ah!

*Soon it is breakforth.

Life carries on, it gets busy, I swim in it and pray I don't sink. This last week has been especially good for me a little redemption of the practicum I have been hating. It has given my perspective on other areas in the lab I could work so that is exciting. This is an end for me, I will be done and able to make a choice as to what I think I want to do after this. There is no schedule. It is weird to just "be" with your life. I like it though.


HEY TROY..if you read this?

Today I had a "banana and nutella crêpe" thought you would like to know.


One Week down....two to go...

I am tired! Hearing the alarm buzz at 4:45am is hard to handle..But I handled it and it is now Friday and have finished one whole week of practicum. One more week of poking patients and then one more of behind the scenes work with no poking of people.

I can make it! I am so thankful for how God is showing me I can do this! I feel so tired, useless and sick most of the time with no desire to push onwards.

We had more snow last night, Lethbridge is a white as it ever could be! It reminds me of being home with mom and dad in Grande Prairie.

Well chow..



I guess that is what some would call it. I am making it, treking along doing what I can to be positive and pray for God to come into each second of my day and days to follow.

Based on being so terribly bitter about my schooling and practicum I have decided to look at things from a completely different angle.

-I only have to poke people for 8 more working days, that is totally within my reach even though I am so easily wavered to think not.

-I only have 13 more working days of my complete practicum before I am finished with SAIT and can go work at some stupid place in Calgary with Nat Nat.

-On that note...17 or 18 more days until I can cry a whole 8 weeks worth of tears on Nat Nats shoulder while we do shots of ice tea and watch some sappy flick- I cannot wait for that one!

-I think I can make it! I know I can even though I daily feel like I cannot.

Sarah --mommy I miss you..



I go back soon...back to Lethbridge...back to practicum...back to the reward system!

I don't want too!!! I want to quit! Work for my dad, make lots of money and then go live in a dung hut somewheres, wanna join me?

I am now an official "grown up" I think, my dad said "you gotta finish what you started."


He is right...I "need" to finish...then what...work in it? make some moolah to support my little Joyce over in the Philippines? sounds like a plan...

I don't want to! Such a complainer am I..

Happy New Year!