Done, Home..ahhh.

Lots of changes have been happenning.

I finished!

I then drove all day Saturday home to Grande Prairie to surprise my Pa for his birthday, it is marvelous to be home! I will leave Tuesday and go back to Calgary to be reunited with my long lost girl Nat Nat for amazing fun times.

It is neat to be home, surrounded by love, a time of reflection and renewal. I have a lot to think about, I have a life to live, I am living it I suppose, day by day, It is just weird to think I am at a definite crossroads and wherever I feel led I can go..wow!

much love..


Sam said...

calgary I live there....does that mean that I will get to see you?

ElleBelle said...

hey Walshy,
It is my first day back without you! I hope you are just loving being done! I really really appreciated having you here to encourage me. I hope everything goes well!!!

Angela said...

Heck yes I'll be there? You? Are you driving from Calgary?