Oh Canada...

I am home..

I am sad..

I miss Lydia..

I am freezing..

I love my mom and that she cooked steak!

WOW!..what a life..


American Thanksgiving...Disney Land...

I will be home on Thursday...WOW! Thursday is 4 sleeps away..Ahh!


Lake Cachuma....Solvang....The Mission....

So I have been very busy lately..First off I went to Lake Cachuma a nice little place full of quiet..I might be going up there again on Saturday to have a campfire and enjoy my last weekend in California...the next adventure I had was Solvang-A Danish town right in the middle of California...what an event..Then today I went up to Santa Barbara to "The Mission" which is a catholic thing..anyways it is part of California's history on how missionaries came up to convert the indians in California....it was a neat experience..we ended the day with lunch on the Pier at "Moby Dick" I loved the name..haha..where I induldged in Fish and Chips...time is running down for me the tanning queen...jeeesh..

Lake Cachuma


The Mission



On Wednesday I spent the afternoon with Chad in Mailbu sun-tanning and of course swimming in the Pacific..I will admit the water is starting to get chilly but I just cannot go to the beach and not get in the water..On our way home we drove through the mountains in an attempt to find Oaks Christian to pick up Hannah and Lydia..The scenery here is what we were driving away from....look at that ocean...breath-taking!


MAR my newest best friend!

This post is dedicated to Marlene! She is my newest friend in whom I love so dearly! Anyways she is a blind woman from our congregation that has completely stolen my heart. She is a good old country singer in love with Jesus, wow! She was born blind, was part of the too much oxygen in the incubators era of life! Anyways she was married for what I take as a long time but about 7 years ago got a divorce and moved from Minnesota out here to California! She works at a college publishing books for the blind. I have been very interested in this woman and the gifts God has given her. I ask if you read this to offer her up to our Lord in prayer. She is very nervous with me leaving, pray for another good friend to rise up for her and that she will continue to step out and be bold!

She is lovely..

Marlene, corrines head. Me, Grace(secretary)




My newest home and wheels...hehe

This is where I am staying for the rest of my time in California. It is on a nice little farm surrounded by the mountains, I am really enjoying it! The family is fun and very very friendly! This month is going to end sooner than I expect and then I will be back in the snow..

The house

The house(barn in the background)


The living room

Dining room

Entry way

The pool

The pool house..

more pool




The Youth Group..

Youth Group Hike!

Funny Photos((bottom)Emily, Jared, Chad, Marley,(top) Grace,Lydia,Ben)

At the top..(Grace,Lydia,Emily,Me,Marley,Leah,Jared,Ben)

Abby and Me

Abby and Jared

Natalie and Me

Abby, Avery, Natalie

Isaiah and Me


Me, Lydia, Leah, Grace and Bryleigh

Our fingers

Lydia and me...one heart together..

Chad and colin...flag football

team spirit..

Emily, Bryleigh, Macey


Titus and Isaiah

Bob, Bryleigh, Macey