Knotts "Scary" Farm!

A night of "freaky" combine it with a lot of really weird, awkward and a lot of "umm" moments you have my Halloween. It will definitely be one I will remember but not exactly the most christian thing I have attended in awhile..ahh! Oh well! I went with my host parents and Chad, I basically screamed the entire time, them on the other hand laughed at me screaming. I had a good/random time!

Ps-I did not take many photos and they were not that good of quality..my bad..

The entrance

Some food stand..

Dumbest Comedy show in the world..ahhh..

The Huge act..main stage...ie: creepy/awkward/and other words..

Some of the park

The Knotts tower..

More park

Crazy psycho ride I went on, we were in the front, I screamed the entire time..no joke! ask Chad!

Happy Halloween..


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You scream?

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