Inspired by puppets

Today we had a visitor in our office, a little girl.

She did a puppet show for me with two characters, Gizmo the robot and "porkypine" the porcupine. I got to meet each of them.

When I met "porkypine" she said to me "Feel my pokes they are really soft" - She was right they were really soft. Then I thought about how we as individuals judge before we do anything.

It is a porcupine so of course it'll be pokey..but it wasn't...Or there is a long haired kid he must worship satan..or here's a punk he must steal cars..here's and overweight person they must be lazy..we don't really know anything so who are we to judge!!!

"porkypine" was not pokey..so there!


Living up to my name...

Sarah means princess...and what every princess needs is a little glitter, agreed? Agreed!

This Saturday mom and I went to a store here called the "Powder Room" it is a slightly upscale expensive and luxurious bath/makeup shop. We just like to browse every now and then so it is fun to go to stores like this one. Today was my lucky day little did I know..

In the back there was a "stella & dot" party going on which is a very sweet jewelery buisness that just has gorgeous stuff..They let me know that if I bought any piece of jewelery they would enter my name into a draw for the chance to become the party host and then reap the benefits of the sales that happenned at their event.

Well i bought a cheap $38.00 pair of earrrings.

At 9:30 PM I got a phone call..

I won!

Whatever, this crap does not happen to me but it did..so today I spent $250 free dollars on jewelery and then got any 4 items I wanted for 50% off..all for me..felt so spoiled, still feel it..I had to share the glory with my mommy..Check their stuff out..gorgeous.


A hunger..

There is a hunger out there for God, a hunger for truth, a hunger for help, a hunger for love, a hunger for honesty, a hunger for life, a hunger for friends, a hunger for acceptance, a hunger for peace and a basic hunger for nothing more than food.

In my line of work Monday mornings make me sick. This is me at my desk blogging about my job. Monday is the day of phone calls or rather of messages, no one has been in the office since Friday and it breaks my heart. You have those calling to talk to the pastor and you can only assume a couple of things #1) the subject on the line is about to complain about the length of sevice yesterday or #2) It may actually be important<--this does not usually happen as much as (#1)! There are those messages though that break me in two, the ones of that single mother sobbing while kids scream in the background, the ID restricted calls from the womans shelter, the poor college student with no family and no friends, a friend calling to say yet another old lady slipped and broke her hip. They are sad. This is life, the real hunger..some call for food..some for us to just listen..some for a light in their present darkness...and some for a visit to their quiet hospital room...the hunger is there..the hunger for Jesus.

So as I sit here on this another Monday I find myself cornered..where to first? That ladies house with a Safeway giftcard..the hospital with some flowers, the shelter to give a hug...

I think I will go to my quiet place of rest, ask God to fill me, to guide me and to show me where in today He would like me to be His hands and feet..the options for service are everywhere...where first..?