Inspired by puppets

Today we had a visitor in our office, a little girl.

She did a puppet show for me with two characters, Gizmo the robot and "porkypine" the porcupine. I got to meet each of them.

When I met "porkypine" she said to me "Feel my pokes they are really soft" - She was right they were really soft. Then I thought about how we as individuals judge before we do anything.

It is a porcupine so of course it'll be pokey..but it wasn't...Or there is a long haired kid he must worship satan..or here's a punk he must steal cars..here's and overweight person they must be lazy..we don't really know anything so who are we to judge!!!

"porkypine" was not pokey..so there!


Angela said...

This made me smile. I saw a real porcupine a couple of weeks ago in Nose Hill park with Natashia. It was huge!

ElleBelle said...

Good to hear that you have your God-eyes and ears working Walshy. You're right. You'll never know how soft someone is until you poke them!